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13 simple habits that will make you feel like King Leonidas on crack - thread -

Society wants you weak, depressed, submissive and docile. Stop whining, and go against the grain. Here's how to feel incredible, so we can all dine in hell together:

1. Adopt the leadership mode. The perpetually depressed see themselves as a leader last. They're waiting for sympathy. They sulk, and they tell everyone about how sad their lives are. Shut your face.

Get up, get dressed, and do something to make someone else feel better, even if you feel like utter turd doing it. It's a habit. Everything changes when you adopt the persona of a leader.

2. Slow down and simplify. Slow your physical movements and speak slower. You make life easier for yourself when you create space to see what most miss.

Slowing is to simplify. So is cutting the extraneous fat from a complicated life schedule. You're not a circus monkey. Focus on the essential handful of things that energise the shit out of you. Ditch the rest.

3. No release for at least 2 weeks. If you possess a pair of nuts, you will benefit greatly by conserving your seed. After a few days, the energy this produces will astound you. Yes, I get it - you married guys want to keep fooping Doreen - if she lets you.

But just know the power of sexual transmutation. Stop fiddling your trouser ferret to blue-haired cosplay tarts on the Internet like a low-T weirdo.

Your ancestors are turning in their graves, watching you, judging you hard through dismayed eyes. After 30 days, your third eye will be fully open, and you'll be Universal energy fully charged.

4. Lift heavy weights 3 times a week. Cardio is great, but there's nothing like the testosterone rush you get from dedicating your life to honing a body of steel in the weights room. Lift heavy three times a week, and watch the ghost of your former pussy self slide out of you.

5. Be selfish. Stop doing things to please others. You come first, always.

Now you're in the best position to give. Set boundaries so that your energy is conserved before any snivelling swine tries to cut into yours.

6. Synthesise with nature. Be like the dude from Gladiator and regularly touch leaves and shit. No, but seriously, legendary naturalist John Muir understood the spiritual and enlivening significance of walks in nature.

He said: "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." Walk for 30 minutes each day, and do it not only to infuse life into that corpse you drag around - but to open up to spiritual beauty and awareness as a practice.

7. Move one tiny step in the direction of a good habit. Identify right now one thing you keep doing that is screwing your life. Now figure out what ONE tiny thing you can do to move you in the right direction.

If you watch too many youtube videos, cut it down by 10 minutes. You become what you repeatedly do. Stop moulding yourself into a loser, be less fat, and become obsessed with greatness.

8. Be mindful for 10 minutes +. The greatest obstacle for many of us is how twitchy and weird we're becoming because phones train us to react to notifications. Go the other way via mindfulness.

I start every day with 8 minutes of meditation. This will calm your mind and multiply your intelligence. Just the shortest of sessions can centre your fake dopamine-addled brain.

9. Flex your nips. Whenever you get a chance, and your bare chest is showing, do some brazen nipple flexing, and ideally, do it while maintaining eye contact with someone. Show everyone around you how much of a god-like living legend you are. I'm only partially joking.

Meet exhibit A - nipple-flexing Nathan:

10. Decide to not be a little bitch. Every time I feel sorry for myself, I remind myself of one of the most powerful tools in my arsenal: if I accept the reality that I'm a little weakling, I will feel worse. Change this immediately.

Be ruthlessly intolerant to sad and unhelpful thoughts. They will come up, begging for sympathy, but they will be ignored, time and time again.

11. Tend to the 'superficial.' Surface-level stuff like getting a haircut, wearing good shoes, trimming your nails and nutsack, and staying fresh and clean is foundational.

Mental health doesn't end here - this is where it begins. Look great, not for Sally at the cafe, but for your devastatingly handsome self.

12. Eat animal protein, organs, raw eggs, and butter. Reject modern dietary advice that literally wants you to die young, so your fat ass costs the government less. Find the part of you that lusts for the unparalleled nourishment of a bloody hunk of raw bison liver.

Eat raw eggs and reject processed shite. Now you're becoming a literal animal. 🐺 Thank what you eat, then howl to the sky nightly. We've been told to be vegan for so long we've forgotten how good it feels to eat our primal diet. Degrade or flourish. Up to you.

13. Be biased to good posture. Be conscious of how your posture determines your vibe. It's not the other way round. Walk like a coward, and your reality will align by delivering you pain and rejection like it's Uber Eats.

Act like a man on a mission, and the mission will come to you. Walk tall. Sit up straight. Speak up and inspire those around you with your bold energy. They will take notice. This is how you win. 🔆

RECAP 13 simple daily habits that make you feel like King Leonidas on crack 1. Be a leader 2. Slow down + simplify 3. No sex release 2 weeks+ 4. Lift heavy 3x week 5. Be selfish 6. Synthesise with nature 7. Move in direction of good habit...

RECAP / 2 13 simple daily habits that make you feel like King Leonidas on crack 8. Be mindful for 10 mins 9. Flex your nips 10. Decide not to be a little bitch 11. Be superficial 12. Eat animals 13. Be biased to good posture.

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