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McKinsey makes $500,000+ on a single presentation. You can learn their simple framework below (for free):

The secret? Story, flow, and structured arguments. Every fresh analyst is taught this blueprint: • Introduction & context on one slide • Always lead with the conclusion • Pyramid argument structure • Title storyline & slide flow Let's break it down, so you can apply it too:

Set the stage by using the SCQA framework. Situation: what's the current state? Complication: what needs to change? Question: how can you solve the complication? Answer: this one deserves it's own slide, up next. This tells your audience WHY they should read on. Example:

Next, lead with your answer. Put your conclusion out there, and let people digest it. Explain WHY this is the answer later on. Example:

Break down your answer using the Pyramid principle • Back your conclusion with 3-5 key arguments • Support your arguments with findings & data • 1 argument per slide, drive your point home • Nothing overlaps, nothing is missing • "Nice to haves" go in the appendix Example:

All slide titles combine to tell the storyline. A busy executive only scans the titles. Will they get your point? A great slide title: • Presents the slides' takeaway • Clearly makes the main argument • Answers why the audience should care - "So what?" Example:

The slide content explains & supports the title. You've made your point in the title, now support it: • Explain how your data leads to the takeaway • Show supporting data & findings • Give context to the argument Example:

Bookmark this thread as cheat sheet for your next presentation: • Set the stage • Provide context • Lead with the answer • Let the titles tell the story • Break your arguments down • Create slides that support the title

That's how you make complex topics easy to digest. Let's put this thread's core ideas to the test: • Started with context & the answer • The first line of each Tweet tells the overall story • The rest of each Tweet explains & supports the title Check to see if I passed!

Thanks for reading! If you found this valuable, join my mission to bring effective project management to tech SMBs. Follow me @polak_jasper as I share the tactics, soft skills & frameworks you need. Want to make my day? Retweet the 1st tweet. 🙏

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