superiority complex about anime

superiority complex about anime



kiyoomi pinches atsumu's belly. atsumu raises an eyebrow at kiyoomi. "what?" "you look good like this," kiyoomi says, focused on atsumu's tummy. he didn't realize how soft atsumu got during the off season. atsumu still works out everyday, but his diet goes out the window.

he eats whenever he wants, whatever he wants, however much he wants. he already sucks at sticking to the diet during volleyball season, but this is different. kiyoomi grabs atsumu's thighs, which are also thicker. atsumu laughs. "who knew I could've got you a lot faster if I

had just talked to you during the off season." "you could've gotten me a lot soon if you weren't a coward." "omi!" kiyoomi laughs and kisses atsumu.

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