H D Kumaraswamy

H D Kumaraswamy



NEET-National Eligibility and Entrance Test, is shattering dreams of middle class and the poor of studying medical education. NEET has become a Death Statue for the parents and students. Higher education is being reserved just for the haves while denying for the have-nots. 1/11

Tragic death of Navin, a medical student who was killed in a shell attack in Ukarine is a reflection of the NEET's shameless face which is causing injustice to talented but economically vulnerable rural students in the guise of qualification. 2/11

Navin secured 96 % in SSLC and 97% in PUC. Even then, he was denied a medical seat in India which is considered as Kashi of Global Education. It is not easy for a rural student to secure such high percentage. Despite that medical seat was denied. 3/11

After being denied a medical seat in India, Navin went to Ukarine to realise his dream and become a medical doctor. The youngster's death has made India, which is longing to become β€˜Vishwa Guru’, to question its `Self Conscience.’ Who is responsible for this?. 4/11

Dreaming medical education has become a mirage for the poor and the middle class after introducing NEET. Tutorials have mushroomed fleecing lakhs of rupees from students. As many as 99% students who are clearing NEET have got themselves enrolled in these tutorials.5/11

It is impossible for govt and rural students to clear NEET. Aware of this fact, tutorials are expanding their market and dancing on corpses of students like Navin. Everyone should raise their voice against NEET which is meant only to provide higher education to the rich.6/11

I am surprised by Union Minister Pralhad Joshi's comments that nearly 90% students who get medical education abroad fail in Entrance test in India. He has also said that this is not the time to discuss and to compare cost of medical education in India and abroad. 7/11

Union Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister said that he wouldn't like to compare the cost of medical education that could lead to a new controversy or a debate. What is your intention behind making this statement? His statements have led to lot of speculations. 8/11

Who is behind tutorials? Is Central government secretly backing them? How many more students must die due to education anarchy caused by NEET? 9/11

Navin's death has questioned the very intention of NEET. The Medical education system that aims to help the rich by sucking the blood of the poor is a disgrace to the country. 10/11

The Central government which is longing for becoming Vishwa Guru and brag about New Education Policy should once think from its heart. 11/11 #stopneet

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