Up until recently, Hollywood and modern fiction really wanted to convince you that woman have a moral compass. Classical literature and original versions of fables almost exclusively paint women as motivated by instinct and self-interest. But it seems they have begun to give up.

I was watching Better Call Saul and I noticed that Vince Gilligan really likes these skeletal cyborg blondes that berate the main character with their (vestigial) sense of right and wrong. However, I can't think of anything similar that has gained traction in the past few years.

Women are being painted as amoral and motivated by self interest a lot more, but it is still nowhere near what it was before blue pill culture was rolled out. The public at large isn't fully ready, there is resistance.

Fictive entertainment seems to be falling off in general because social media supplies a steady stream of contradictions to blue pill tropes. Just TikTok alone can demystify the gynoid character in mere minutes.

Be that as it may, right now it seems not everybody is fully on board with amoral gore like Squid Game or various forms of gamified prostitution. But I think that moment is coming soon.

*exoskeletal cyborg blondes dammit it's like they have too much skeleton, I feel like it has some esoteric significance

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