desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)

desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)



@miyacestober #osaatsu #miyacest day 12: role-play, nsfwish osamu is atsumu's prisoner, atsumu is osamu's jailor. together, they create a perfectly sinful scene. one, where osamu fucks an authority figure in front of suna.

osamu has been scared lately. scared of his inmates, like that shady suna or that hugeass joffe , but especially of the stoic jailor that comes to take rounds in his part of the jail building. atsumu is all soft cheeks and sinewy limbs, but his eyes are dangerous and sharp.

suna and joffe continuously fawn over him, even when the blonde reprimands them with a threatening wave of his cane and a rough scolding. they discuss in great detail about his well-defined body, his huge ass and how it never seems to fit his tailored uniform.

about how sweetly he would moan and whimper, hard demeaner melting away in a puddle of hazy arousal. osamu didn't think that was possible.

he had seen the man, back erect, marching, never walking, flashing his light at all misbehaving inmates. he was earnest of his job, zealous, almost taking pleasure in streching out a long leg and kicking one of his inmates with it. the perverts dug that up too, but it must hurt.

osamu had never communicated directly with atsumu, for the later only opened his mouth when he was about to give a rough beating. osamu had no reason to interact with atsumu. he was a perfect inmate. but he could feel golden eyes following his back.

especially in the cafeteria. osamu wondered if it was because he kept pestering the server for more food, like some kind of twisted adult oliver twist. it wasn't osamu's fault he was hungry!

one day, suna pissed off atsumu a little too much, muttered about his cute face when the jailor walked through. the blonde marched right into the cell, using the keys always hooked in his belt. with a thud, he closed it again. suna gulped in anticipation. he loved it when

atsumu pulled his hair or spat at him. even now, he was basically drooling at the mouth. "nah, ya ain't getting what ya want, ya fucking pervert", atsumu spat out in disgust, eyes narrow slits, arms crossed. joffe was out on library work.

suna's face flickered with disappointment and osamu looked on with mild interest. of course, it was inevitable that atsumu would catch onto suna's perversion and amend it. "instead, i'd let ya best friend fuck me and make you watch.", atsumu clicked his tongue.

osamu's eyes widened. his heart sped up and he nearly dropped the cookbook he was reading, safe in a perch. surely, he was joking. only, atsumu never joked.

suna was incredulous as atsumu strode towards osamu, who backed away further in a corner. "w-why, miya-san, i didn't do anything. i have been perfect my entire time here." atsumu winked. it was the first remote human expression on him and osamu loathed him.

"think of it as a reward for being so good all the time.", he let his feared cane drop, and rustled with his pants. osamu's heart dropped. "help, someone.", he screamed out but it was useless. it was way into the night, when other jailors were off duty, and the other jailmates

were of no help. instead they'd just spur atsumu up. even suna looked ready to cum any moment now. osamu was straight. osamu liked women. he had never gazed at a man in this way, and he wasn't about to start doing so now. "no", he whispered as atsumu closed in. "no"

the words dried in his throat when atsumu pulled off his pants. his cock was pretty and pink, already flushed and half-erect. he looked good. another rustle and atsumu's shirt was off. he had nipple piercings. fucccccccccccccck.

despite his inner musings, osamu's dick twitched in interest when he saw the tanned divots of atsumu's frame. "ya have been a good boy, lemme reward ya", his voice had taken a seductive turn and osamu gulped. atsumu turned back, revealing the plump ass so many inmates spent

their time masturbating to. "suna!", atsumu called out. suna looked like a kid on christmas. "make sure ya watch every part, and remember that this is what happens when ya follow orders." suna gulped and osamu follower the notion.

atsumu glanced back and his amber eyes now held a sensual quality it didn't before. "take out yer cock, prepare my seat." osamu scrambled to do so, only now noticing the clear lube dribbling down atsumu's thighs. with a sigh, atsumu pressed his fingers to osamu's chest

making the boy lie down. and without warning, he took hold of osamu's cock and positioned it over his ass, before taking it whole up his ass in a single drop. osamu groaned at the sudden pleasure, head thrown back. he thought he heard suna make a strangled noise somewhere.

"been s'long since i did this.", atsumu muttered to himself, not even looking at osamu. his thick thighs, usually hidden under his uniform, flexed with his movements as he bounced on osamu's dick. up and down, up and down. he didn't stop. atsumu seemed to know his body best

directing and swinging his ass so that each thurst of osamu's cock hit him dead on the prostate. osamu panted, open-mouthed, in awe of the tight heat squeezing his dick in a vice. he was straight, but shit, if this wasn't the best fuck of his life. all with his dubious consent.

"are ya gonna keep taking it, or put in some effort.", the jailor snapped out, teeth baring and osamu thurst his hips up. atsumu gasped, a high-pitched whimper far sweeter than any of his friends thought it to be, and placed of his hands on osamu's thighs, using it as leverage

to grind even further into osamu. another hand twisted and teased at his own nipples, lips red from biting at them. osamu sweared at a particularly well-matched thirst. he took his jailor's cock in his hand, stroking it in tandem, and atsumu's eyes popped open, tears streaming

"fuck, so good, osamu-san, so good, i am close.", osamu himself nearer the edge, never thought his name would sound so good in atsumu's mouth. he came at the same time as atsumu, filling his ass with his seed. atsumu all but collapsed down like a body with no skeleton.

suna was stroking his cock furiously, eyes tracing the curve of atsumu's back. his eyes met osamu's. they both smiled. theur jailor was, after all, nothing but a whinu slut.

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