Nate Stone - Testosterone & Male Health Optimizer

Nate Stone - Testosterone & Male Health Optimizer



10 Ways To Naturally Build Muscle Faster 💪💪 Stop stagnating & start seeing monstrous gains /// Muscle Building Thread ///

1G Of Protein To Every Lbs Of Body Weight Protein is the building block of muscle ass If you want to build the optimum amount of muscle you need to be consuming 0.8 - 1g of protein to every lb of body weight Any less than this & you will be leaving gains on the table

Train Each Body Part 2 X + Per Week Studies show training muscle groups 2 / week compared with 1 sees more muscle growth The same studies showed that training muscle groups 3 / week saw even further gain So split your workout to hit each muscle group at least twice per week

Stop Training Like A Pussy Are most people working harder than you in the gym? If you are going to see the best results on the sports pitch or the office you have put the work in The same goes for resistance training. Train intensely, recover intensely then you see gains.

Sleep You need to get 7 - 8 hours per night & you need to get your sleep pattern on point. You should be going to bed & waking up at the same time each day Sleep in a pitch-black room & get light when you wake up This with quality sleep optimizes hormones for optimal gains

Take Creatine Supplements I'm not saying you can't build muscle mass without supplementing Creating I'm saying that if you want optimal muscle gains you should be supplementing it Supplementing 3 - 5 g of Creatine daily is all you need

Avoid Staying Too Lean When your body fat levels are too low (below 10%) testosterone levels plummet Low testosterone makes it more difficult to build muscle If you are too lean, you won't gain muscle mass optimally

Avoid Injury Super simple but if you're injured you can't train This means proper technique over ego lifting No one cares how much you lift So if you need to, ditch the crazy workouts, lower the weights & get your form right You will see far better gains

Walk For Cardio To gain serious amounts of muscle you need serious amounts of rest. If you are pushing your body super intensely with lifting & cardio Your body won't recover won't as easily & you won't gain muscle as optimally Walking is the perfect cardio

Spend Less Time Partying If you are constantly drinking, doing recreational drugs, out till late at night You simply won't gain optimal muscle When you are training hungover & not resting properly you will see your muscle mass gains will suffer

Avoid Ice Baths Right After Resistance Training Yes it helps you recover faster but that muscle swelling after training is part of what signals your body to build muscle I'd suggest you postpone your ice baths by about 4 hours after your workout

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