Hana 🌸 | hq kinktober👀

Hana 🌸 | hq kinktober👀



MSBY were having a team meeting. Atsumu left his jacket in the locker room and didn’t wanna get up to get it. “You cold?” ask Kiyoomi as his hand was stretched out to offer the setter his jacket.

Atsumu’s cheeks flushed. Eyes were on him. Fuck, even Hinata and Inunaki didn’t bring their jacket and was rubbing their sides to warm themselves. And yet, Kiyoomi walked across the circle the team was sitting in to offer him the jacket. Him. Atsumu.

Atsumu accepted it. Saying thank you softly and wore the jacket. Pulling it to cover his the blush on the tip of his ears. He couldn’t remember much what Coach Foster was saying but he remembered how the jacket smelled.

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