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The most powerful life hacks I’ve found:

When you think something nice about someone, let them know. It's a shame that we often wait until a person's funeral to say all of the nice things we thought about them. The next time you have a positive thought about someone—tell them right then.

Record a video interview with your parents. Ask them questions and have them tell stories about their childhood, adventures, hopes, dreams, and fears. Our time with them is finite, but we often fail to recognize it until it's too late. These recordings will last forever.

Go for a 15 minute walk every morning. You don't need a fancy morning routine—just go for a walk. The sunlight, movement, and fresh air have a direct positive impact on your mood, circadian rhythm, metabolism, digestion, and more. Leave the phone at home. Let your mind wander.

Reread your favorite books annually. You may read thousands of books in your life, but there will only be a few that deeply change you. Reread them every single year. Your experience with the book will change as you do—you'll pick up new perspectives. It's beautiful.

Set your emails to have a 60 second delay before sending. You notice most mistakes immediately after hitting send—the delay allows you to catch them. Also, if you're sending an email in the heat of the moment, the delay lets you cool off and reassess if it's worth it.

If you want to get better at anything, do it for 30 minutes per day for 30 straight days. It's easy to over-engineer progress—a bit of dedicated effort each day is all you need. 900 minutes of accumulated effort is enough to make dramatic improvements at literally anything.

In your 20s and 30s, do a few things that you'll be excited to tell your kids about someday. Go on an adventure, train for some wild event, get your hands dirty on a crazy project, whatever. Create a few stories worth telling.

Batch email processing into condensed windows. Depending on your industry, it may be anywhere from 1-3 windows per day. Parkinson's Law says that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Force a time constraint on low-value tasks to get them done efficiently.

Invest in personalized stationary and use it regularly. Emails and texts lack personality. Good penmanship and a handwritten note will always stand out. Handwritten notes are an "old fashioned" thing that should definitely make a comeback.

Tell your partner one thing you appreciate about them every single day. As time passes in any relationship, it becomes easy to take the good for granted. Don't fall into this trap. Highlight the good!

Spend 15 minutes on Sunday evening preparing for what your first focus tasks are going to be on Monday morning. That 15 minutes will save you 2 hours and a whole lot of stress. Don’t over-engineer it. Get one small thing done that makes the next morning look and feel easier.

Make a rule to never think twice about investments in yourself. • Books • Quality food • Fitness • Personal development These investments pay dividends for a long time. Think about material purchases instead—wait 48 hours to complete an order to see if you still want it.

Take yourself out for a meal alone once each month. • Carry a notebook and pen • Bring your favorite book • No phone or technology Let your mind run free. Flex that boredom muscle. It’s insanely freeing—a meditative experience.

Create an automated direct deposit for a small amount of money into an investment account every month. Never look at the account. Don't pay any attention to it. A $100 monthly investment into the S&P 500 for the last 10 years would be worth ~$20,000 today. Let it compound.

To eat healthier, do all of your shopping on the outer perimeter of the grocery store. The outer perimeter typically has all of the fresh produce, meats, fish, dairy, etc. The middle aisles have all of the processed stuff. If you're trying to eat clean, stay on the outside.

When you're starting your career, swallow the frog for your boss to get ahead. (1) Observe your boss (2) Figure out what they hate doing (3) Learn to do it (4) Take it off their plate It's an easy way to add value, put up a win, and build momentum.

Tip 30%+ around the holidays. Give a small holiday gift to any service industry workers you regularly encounter (delivery drivers, trash pickup, cleaners, etc.). It's greatly appreciated by those on the receiving end of it. A simple way to spread some positive holiday vibes.

When someone is going through hell, just saying “I’m with you” is the most powerful thing you can do. Advice, perspectives, or offers to help are minimally impactful. The notion that someone is with you is 10x more powerful. Be the “darkest hour friend” to those you love.

If you're about to say yes to something on the assumption that you'll have more time for it in the future, say no instead. We tend to believe that we will have more time a month from now than we do today—this leads to accepting commitments that we later regret. Just say no.

When you're trying to learn something new, attempt to teach it to a friend or family member. See what questions they ask and how those questions expose the gaps in your knowledge. Study more to fill in those gaps. The act of teaching is the most powerful form of learning.

Send a letter to your future self once each year. • Reflect on the present • Changes you want to make • Goals for the future Use an online tool to have it sent in a 1-5 years. You'll benefit from the reflection in the present and the smiles when you open them in the future.

If someone tries to put down your accomplishments, cut them out of your life. These people are "boat anchors"—they try to hold you back and create a drag on your progress. Distance yourself from anyone who spends time bringing others down or dismissing their achievements.

Have at least one thing in your life that you are bad at (but love doing). Ambitious, driven people tend to do everything with some specific end in mind. It's wonderfully refreshing to do something just for the sake of doing it.

Those are 20+ powerful life hacks that I've found. If you enjoyed this, follow me @SahilBloom for more writing on growth and life. These came from a list of 50+ life hacks that I'm compiling to be released in a future newsletter. Join 125K+ others here!

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