Lovers’ Guide 💟

Lovers’ Guide 💟



· 10 Women's Biggest Turn Offs · [Ignore this if you don't want to turn a woman on] / T h r e a d /

1] Neediness The biggest turn off - nothing is more repulsive than a needy man. You need to control yourself and make HER needy.

2] Follower If you're not leading but you're being led, then don't be surprised if you're troubled with finding a woman.

3] Dad Body Women only like dad bodies when they are the only option. And even then, women will still be looking for a better option.

4] Emotional Being overly emotional is a feminine trait. It's a sign of weakness - and women want STRONG men.

5] No Ambition If you're on Instagram or playing games all day instead of working on yourself, goals, dreams... Then you're just wasting your value and worth. Women want to be with men who are increasing their worth, and not decreasing.

6] Controllable If she can change your mind easily and she can command you whatever she wants? Then you're just her little puppy and she'll soon lose all the respect, love, and interest in you.

7] Can't Control Yourself One thing is looking at other women and the other is not being able to control yourself with your hormones. Don't be ruled by them - women can see it and they'll think of you as a big simp.

8] Men Who Complain You can't complain to a woman - she wants to listen to your solutions. She loses respect for you every time you complain. She starts to think you're not capable of doing anything.

9] Attention Seeking Men Women are too weak so they seek your attention - they feed with it. If you're doing it too, she'll lose interest because she wants to work hard to win you, and not easily have you.

10] Not Being Honest Even if you're going to hurt her with the truth, it makes her respect you more. Also, hiding the truth makes you look like you're afraid of being honest. It's like you're afraid of her being mad at you. And that's how she loses respect for you.

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