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[THREAD FYI] Hello, I want to share my symptoms of COVID-19 to raise awareness and to make people calm. I am a 24-year old Filipina who is currently residing in Berlin, Germany. Last Saturday, I had sore throat (which is usual for me) cause I love sweets and cola. So, I ignored

Sunday afternoon, I had a headache! I knew i would be sick (this is the kind of headache I usually have before having fever). Checked my temp, everything is normal. Slept early on that day, again another unusual for me cause I usually sleep late. I just couldn't contain the pain.

I woke up midnight feeling so warm! I thought it was just because of the heater in my room. But I could not stand, I was very hot and at the same time cold inside. I could not explain. And my head is hurting! So, i decided to get my thermometer and check my temp. It was 38.1!

Of course, I panicked for a bit. It was 3am in Berlin and my family from the Philippines are all wide awake. So I messaged them. They told me to keep calm and rest. So that was what I did. Monday morning my temperature went down, and I decided to go to one of the testing centers

So I did the test, they told me that the result will be out max 7 days. So, I went home and never went out again as per the doctor, STAY AT HOME!

[FLASH BACK] To everyone who might ask me where I got the virus, IDK. I just know that I was in Brussels for 5 days with my Master's cohort. Took the train from Berlin to Brussels via Cologne on March 9. Then took the flight from Brussels to Berlin on Friday.

So, going back. I have been in self quarantine since Monday afternoon after I got tested. Like others, I have been so bored at home. Thanks to Netflix. Also yeah, I still have two term papers to do. But I can manage that.

So what have I been taking since then? I took paracetamol for my fever. I have been taking Vitamins and drinking plenty of water (cause my sore throat is really painful!). I also gargle with water and salt. I have been eating fruits too.

Day by day i feel better. So I thought I am completley fine, until i finally got a call from a doctor today and was informed that I AM POSITIVE. At first, I cried. I did not know what to do. (I was watching CLOY when the doctor called)

Immediately after the call, I messaged my family and friends in the PH. I also had to message my Master's cohort and some friends in Germany, my program coordinator, PH embassy and my scholarship coordinator. They were all worried even before the result came out.

[IMPT REMINDERS FROM DOC] 1. Stay at home for 14 days (which I have been doing since then). ‼Day 1 should be the first day when you felt the symptom (in my case, Saturday March 14

2. If no more symptoms until March 26, then I am completely safe and fine, I can already go out by March 29 from my flat if I want 3. Inform my friends who have been with me for the last 14 days to STAY AT HOME. (Test is not necessary, but PLEASE STAY AT HOME!)

4. Monitor symptoms, temperature, etc. My sister @cesabagat made a GoogleSheet for us. I will share it here too (TY sister!). So if you feel anything, record it there. Download the file and change the dates.

5. Be well-rested. Eat healthy diet. Drink plenty of water. 6. MOST IMPORTANT REMINDER - You won't die! Just stay at home and KEEP CALM! 7. If there is a difficulty of breathing and other severe pain, that is the only time you may call an ambulance.

So that is it for now. I am okay, guys. I don't have fever anymore. Only sore throat. But I will be strong. Thank you to my family and friends. I will keep you updated. Again, DON'T PANIC! STAY AT HOME. BE HEALTHY AND KEEP SANITIZED.😊 #coronavirus #CoronaVirusUpdate

ONE LAST THING: The testing kits are limited, so if you can't feel anything, don't go to the testing center right away. Observe and monitor yourself first. It will also be helpful to our frontliners if we minimize the queue for the test.

Takeaways so far: 1. Learn to eat vegetables (my fam and friends know me for this -- I really dont eat veggies). Now I am FORCED! So do the same everyone. Eat healthy diet!!! 2. Don't travel when there is an outbreak/pandemic. (I SWEAR, I HAVE LEARNED IT THE HARD WAY!)

I shared my story here to make people aware and because Twitter has always been my safe space. I would appreciate it if everyone who decides to post it elsewhere to ASK PERMISSION FROM ME FIRST before publishing it in another media or news platform. Thank you.

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