nsfw (osaatsu) #miyacestober2022 day 9 • separated + technology // "samu—" atsumu whines, fumbling his phone and nearly dropping it. "that's it," osamu responds, eyes glued to his screen. he wishes he could turn his brightness up but he's out on a public street, +

he's already putting him and atsumu at risk by video calling him like this. he /does/ turn up his phone volume though, wanting to hear his twin's moans loud and clear through his earphones. "you're doing so good for me baby, just one more setting, you can do it." +

atsumu's breaths are loud and his hand is shaky as he goes to do as osamu says. once the vibrator has been put on a higher setting, its sounds almost drown out atsumu's, but then atsumu touches it to his red-hard cock and he /keens/, +

causing osamu to stop in the middle of the road so he can admire the way his brother looks. unashamedly, he takes a screenshot for safekeeping. his throat goes dry as he watches his brother pleasure himself, hips bucking up of their own volition, +

unsure whether to press closer to the vibrator or get away from it. atsumu's face is flushed too, he's been crying frustration tears. "i want ya /here/, samu, i— /ah!/" "i know baby," osamu soothes, dropping his voice low so the other passersby can't hear him, +

but also because he knows atsumu likes it. "i wish i was there too. ya look so good for me, i'd take you apart in an instant." "nnh— fu—" when atsumu begins to babble and stop making sense, osamu knows he's close. +

"don't come," he commands, needing atsumu to hold on for a moment longer. he rushes inside the apartment building, taking two stairs at a time. "why are ya being so /mean/," atsumu whines. but amazingly, he manages to delay his orgasm, even with the vibrator on so high. +

osamu wishes he could tell atsumu, but that would ruin the surprise. "it'll be worth it," he tells his twin, as he makes it down the hallway to atsumu's unit. "fuckin' better be," atsumu grits out. osamu mutes himself as he takes out his keys and unlocks atsumu's door. +

atsumu is so far gone that he doesn't even notice osamu's lack of input, or his new setting. osamu continues watching him on his phone even as he approaches atsumu's room, the /actual/ sounds now overwhelming the ones coming through his device. +

he disconnects the call as he steps into the room, and gets to watch atsumu's expression turn to one of disbelief when he realises osamu hung up on him, but then morph into something else entirely when he sees that osamu is actually /here/ in front of him. +

"samu!" he scrambles to sit up, and inexplicably comes all over his chest. "ah. fuck." osamu chuckles walking over to atsumu and bringing him in for a kiss. "didya come just from seeing me?" "pfft. ya wish." "sure looks like ya did," osamu says matter-of-factly, +

swiping a finger through atsumu's come and sucking it clean. atsumu makes a strangled sound, unable to look away from osamu. osamu grins, wrapping his hand over atsumu's—the one holding onto the vibrator—and pressing it back against his spent cock. +

"/f-uck,/" atsumu hisses, bucking into the touch. "i reckon you could go again," osamu taunts, getting onto the bed. he lies on top of atsumu, holding the vibrator between them, letting out his own moan at the sensation. +

"give me one more, and then i'll fuck ya." atsumu's eyes go wide. he looks like he wants to protest, but his cock squirts out some precome, staining osamu's black slacks. osamu begins to grind against the vibrator, against atsumu below him, quickly losing his own composure. +

unlike atsumu who got to work himself up to his setting, osamu has gone straight for it. if he's not careful, he'll end up coming before atsumu does. but osamu is a patient man, and he knows just which of atsumu's buttons to press. +

he presses their lips together, licking into atsumu's mouth, sucking on his tongue and biting on his bottom lip. it's been weeks since they've been able to touch each other, and atsumu is always super easy when he's gone without osamu for a while. +

"come on, tsumu," osamu goads. he tries not to show how close he is to his own orgasm. he runs his free hand up atsumu's torso to his nipple, pinching it between his index finger and thumb. "come for yer little brother," he tries, +

and this time he's got it. atsumu gazes into his eyes before rolling his head back, pressing his body into osamu's as he comes for the second time tonight. there's less come this time, but it appears just as intense, with atsumu wrapping his arms around osamu's neck and +

clinging onto him. he pulls osamu's head down and growls into his ear, "now fuck me like ya promised." osamu doesn't need any further prompting, already on the verge of coming. he nearly tears his new pants in a bid to free his cock as fast as humanly possible, +

slotting it inside atsumu just as quickly, the both of them letting out twin sighs of satisfaction at the feeling of coming home. "fuckin' hell, tsumu, i'm gonna come," osamu confesses, barely able to thrust into atsumu properly, fearing that he'll come too soon. +

"hah," atsumu responds, cocky even now. "who's the one coming just by seeing me now?" osamu doesn't even try to argue against it. "you're right, tsumu, you're so fucking right. you're— fuck, so gorgeous, and when you were touchin' yerself to my voice earlier i—" +

osamu groans, hips stuttering. "i was sporting a hard-on in public, tsumu. /that's/ what ya do ta me. i was so lucky it's dark out, otherwise everyone would've seen." "fuck," atsumu curses. "don't just say shit like that." +

"so good," osamu continues, like atsumu never spoke at all. "i missed ya so much, but our calls got me through it. you're so smart, suggesting we should have video sex. but nothin' beats this," he slams his cock into atsumu's ass. "nothin' beats the real thing." +

"i fuckin' hate you. you're gonna make me come again." "we'll come together," osamu says, and takes atsumu's cock into his fist, jerking him off to completion. he spills inside atsumu simultaenously, filling him with his come. +

atsumu's third orgasm of the night yields even less than the second. osamu thinks what came out might've been piss instead. he loves it all the same. "tsumu," he starts, not really knowing what he wanted to say. just wanted to hear atsumu's name from his lips, maybe. +

"don't pull out yet," atsumu says, and osamu happily obliges. "wanna sleep with my cock in you tonight?" osamu asks, snuggling close, as if already planning to. "i mean, not really," atsumu responds. "i don't wanna wash my sheets. we'll clean up soon, +

just. lemme warm ya for a bit." osamu smiles against atsumu's neck. he has no objections to that. "okay," he replies. when he shifts to get into a more comfortable position, his cock moves inside atsumu too, and they both let out a groan.

"can i—" he begins, already having another idea. + "no," atsumu cuts him off. "ya don't even know what i was gonna say." "i do. you were gonna ask if we could fuck again. no, we can't, because unlike /you/, i just came like five billion times and i need to rest." +

osamu grumbles unhappily. "but after?" he asks, voice laced with hope. "af— you're impossible. i have training tomorrow, ya know? we could've had a sex marathon if ya came home on the day /ya said ya would,/ because i /planned around it and made sureta clear my schedule/. +

you already made me exert myself more than i planned to tonight." atsumu continues complaining, going off about how he asks osamu what his return dates are for a /reason/, and he needs to be truthful so atsumu can make proper arrangements. surprises are nice, he adds, +

but osamu can't expect to be able to do whatever he wants if he shows up unannounced. all osamu hears, however, is /not a no/. "later then," he says happily, closing his eyes and resting his head against atsumu's. +

"you're—!" atsumu starts, but whatever he says after that is lost, as osamu quickly falls asleep, his love finally in his arms again.

// a year ago today, i made this account. i was a bit anxious bc i'd never been on 'this side' of fandom but frankly i've had some of my happiest experiences here. thank you to everyone for making it so enjoyable and for enjoying the twins with me 🥺 +

and thank you to the miyas for giving me brainrot and making me write more consistently than i ever have, even if it's short silly little tweets lol. stay fucked and stay fucking 😤👊

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