🌟: As Pluto prepares for its revolutionary ingress into Aqua, within the coming years, the world as we know it will radically shift to accommodate the new knowledge, research, and sciences acquired during this time that are sure to advance Humanity toward true liberation for all

In the latest of many Astro posts to this platform, here are some of my newest guesses (predictions) for themes, topics, and events that will/could take place during this transformative transit:

🌟🏛🇷🇺🇦🇹🇸🇪Here’s the tea on all things related to countries, governments, and under the sea discoveries for the Pluto in Aqua transit:)

🌟The tea on all things related to communal violence, nature, spirituality, eye care, and disappearances during the Pluto in Aqua transit.

🌟the tea on war, surgeries, gov secrets, ancient tombs, and more for the pluto in aqua transit can be found here:)

🌟Info pertaining to Workers rights, nicotine taxes, pirates, new legislation, friends, and more are outlined here for the transit

🌟and lastly, the tea on submerged civilizations, abductions, social movements, and water distribution can be found here!

If you’ve made it this far and are still hungry for more, my last set of Pluto in Aqua transit insights/predictions are already up and are pinned to my page:) Check the quotes and the replies on those tweets because I frequently post evidence when they come true in real time💖

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