Lady of Crypto

Lady of Crypto



1/ #BTFD they all say, but they never say HOW. Buying the dip is a science. The more $BTC bleeds, the more #altcoins bleed. With blood comes profit. Red is green. In this MEGA-THREAD I'll show you how to turn red into green. Like, retweet and follow for more 😘

2/ -- DIP FUND -- I routinely tell people to keep a min of 30%-50% of their portfolio in #stablecoin. This is your dip fund. When #crypto is bullish, you can get away with 30%. When it's bearish or crabby, 50%+ is a good dip fund. I hope you have a dip fund ready to go.

3/ -- DIP FUND SPLIT -- My dip fund is split 70% for buying dip (strategically), 30% for investing in projects in a bear market. More on buying the dip on tweet 6, let's talk bear launches first.

4/ -- BEAR LAUNCHES -- Projects launching in bear markets mint millionaires. These projects aren't trying to capture the hype like half the rubbish #metaverse games "releasing" atm. Real projects, with real teams, and a real vision have the courage to launch in a bear market.

5/ -- BEAR LAUNCHES cont -- $SAND $AXS $RUNE and others are examples of projects that launched in bear markets and returned 400x to 2000x for investors. Not all bear launches make it, but setting aside capital to buy these launches is smart. Key is to be patient and pick well.

6/ -- DIPS: WORST CASE -- I'll use $BTC as an example, but the process is the same on #altcoins, alts are where the real returns are made. Figure out the worst case scenario, for me its a 20k #Bitcoin and plan your dip buys at support all the way down to the worst case.

7/ -- DIPS: WHAT IF??? -- What if it goes lower or never goes that low? 🤷‍♀️ Buying the dip is not about predicting the perfect bottom. 99% of people who try guess wrong. The 1% who get it right are lucky n brag about it for years. Watch them brag below about ThAt OnE TiMe 👇

8/ -- DIPS: PLAY THE LEVELS -- Buying dips is about playing the levels. You mark out your support and resistance, and scale in. I account for a 90%-95% drop on #altcoins like $HTR or $RFOX if $BTC goes max pain. The $ amount doesn't matter $500 or $50k, same thing.

9/ -- DIPS: THE RIGHT ALTS -- You should pick alts that you believe will survive a bear market. Many will not. - Strong teams - Well funded - Solid vision - Strong narrative #Layer1 #Layer2 #ZKrollups #GameFi #DeFi #Metaverse are my focus.

10/ -- SHOULD I COMMIT ALL MY DIP FUND -- It's up to you. Some keep a % of their dip fund to go ALL IN if BTC drops to $5k n #alts crash 99%. Others set a max pain like 20k BTC & -95% alts and are ALL IN around there. I have emergency reserves to in case BTC got to 10k!

11/ -- WHAT AM I BUYING -- Today I DCAd $NCR and $HTR and that's it for now. My other projects haven't dipped enough to buy yet. I will share more as I buy. Hop on my discord where I share my buys regularly.

12/ -- ARE WE GOING BEAR? -- I don't know, I don't care. I am just buying on the way down, as per my plan. The plans in these tweets are rough examples, and none of this is financial advice. You need to DYOR and never invest more than you can afford to lose. DON'T BE A DUMBASS

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