Skts NSFW wording- streamer Au Sakusa was known for his dry humor, the way he teased his chat, and by streaming shirtless every night. It wasn’t so much being shirtless as it was that he was completely covered in tattoos from throat to hips. Only the smallest blank spot under

his navel. He always told anyone who asked that he was saving it for something special. Atsumu, on the other hand, was a popular day in the life streamer. Who just so happened to always be thirsty in Sakusa’s chat. ‘I can see the perfect spot to put my name.’ Atsumu typed as

he watched Sakusa’s stomach muscles flex as he played whatever new game was out. “And I have the perfect place for you to sit and be good for me, Atsumu.” Sakusa pushed back from the desk at the end of the match, dragging the camera over to show the pillow on the floor

beneath his desk. Between his spread thighs. ‘I’m going to fucking cum.’ Atsumu typed out with zero embarrassment. “Oh, sweetheart. You can’t cum without daddy’s permission.” Chat was completely flooded. ‘They do know we can see this and hear this, right?’ ‘This is public!’

‘They are so stupid. I love them.’ ‘Do you think we could watch?’ The next time Sakusa streamed, every once in a while, the camera would catch on blonde hair splayed out in his lap. The small spot under his navel now taken. Atsumu’s name in dark messy strokes.

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