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You don’t just need a Twitter account to find crypto research alpha.  You need to know HOW to use it.  Here is a free course you can learn in FIVE minutes to help you find elite research: 🧵

In this thread I’m going to teach you the following:  - How to find top performing assets  - How to find (well-written) sources of education and research - How to conduct the beginning stages of your research  - How to spot red flags with these projects

1: Finding an interesting project  - Go to @tokenterminal and filter through projects that are getting a lot of fees  - Look to see if they have a small market cap  - Note these projects names down    Here is a thread detailing how you can find them:

2: Using Twitter  In this thread is going to use $GNS as the example token Go to advanced search settings: -All of these words: Thread - Any of these words: $GNS Gains Network - Mentioning these accounts: @GainsNetwork_io See below how you can do this:

You now have accessed the wealth and depth of knowledge provided to you on crypto Twitter in seconds Here are some example threads pulled from the above search: Example A: @cryptocevo has provided an excellent overview on $GNS, hours of research put in to a ten minute read! 👇

Example B: @rektdiomedes providing an excellent follow up thread detailing the use cases of $GNS and why he is excited about the protocol! 👇

Example C: @Oozor_M provided a brief summary of $GNS! 👇

Without spending hours researching it yourself you have now compiled a good amount of research that has been done for you whilst barely lifting a finger!   HOWEVER,  You still need to complete the final parts of your research before you make a decision…

3: Do your own research  You now need to find out the following if you were unable from the threads:  - Community - Team - White-paper - Fundamentals - Investors - Market cap/Trading history - Tokenomics - Pros vs Cons - Criticisms

4: Spotting red flags Does the content created seem organic? - Look for a lengthy history of threads written by different individuals - Be careful if there appears to be an “overpromotion” from what appear as shilling Are people flocking in due to a “cult” like leader? - RUN

Summary: You now know how to access an insane amount of research through a couple of clicks! Crypto Twitter is a poweful tool that can save you time and can help you in your research.

A link to the beginning of the thread! Please consider sharing this impactful thread if you find it useful. I want to help navigate you through the world of crypto! (Follow plz) Please respond if you have any additional information. Knowledge is power, my friends! 🤗

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