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In the last month we’ve tested over 100 types of ad creatives across our clients. Here’s 8 creatives with the most profitable ad spend:

Note: Examples shown below are NOT our clients. Only 2 of the examples shown below are from our clients. Also - If you find any of this information useful please give the first tweet a like and a RT!

Creative #1: Before and after: Show the experience of what a customer used to look like before and after using your product. In cases we’ve noticed using days instead of before and after has worked better.

Creative #2: Industry Hack - Search a common problem in your industry and present your product as the “hack” You can find multiple examples of this on TikTok

Creative #3: Talk about your experience with using a product from a brand while doing something random on camera. In this case it’s holding a cat, we’ve seen cases where someones literally cooking and they just talk about their experience with the product.

Creative #4: Blog - Simple concept to replicate. Show benefits on a static. Usually like to feature a interesting fact the general public wouldn’t know about your niche. Then direct them to your blog lander which educates more on the topic.

Creative #5: Quiz style - Show the benefits of using your quiz and how you can find the ideal product for you.

With this creative you can show someone using it and have a greenscreen effect on the side or someone directly walking through it and having a voiceover explaining the purpose of the quiz.

Creative #6: POV - Find a relatable moment or go through your post purchase survey and create a POV that relates to your customers. An ad you can add more humour to and tends to get a lot of engagement on platforms like TikTok.

Creative #7: TikTok response - This has been one of the most scalable creatives just because you can make an endless amount of comments and re use a lot of clips. The key here is to comment from different accounts.

I’ve seen a lot of brands use the same profiles to comment and spend a lot of budget behind these creatives 💀

Creative #8: What I ordered vs what I got - Show the experience of ordering and what it looks like for a regular customer to receive the product. Want to show what the journey is like so the customer can set some type of expectation when ordering from you.

If you want to see the full breakdown on my Youtube channel then you can view the video here:

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