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yingles tingles wringles pringles is on vacation



pre-dating sakuatsu who's spent all season flirting and staring at each other hungrily, and it all culminates in the championship finals. in the heat of their joy and victory, atsumu runs up to kiyoomi and jumps in his arms, grabs his face and joins their lips together. -

when they separate, kiyoomi looks at him like he holds the universe. he bites his lip unconsciously as he stares at atsumu, strong arms gripping atsumu's thighs around his waist like his life depends on it. atsumu brims with happiness. he can't help but press their foreheads -

together, whispering against kiyoomi's lips, "i love you." kiyoomi honest to god stops breathing. the fans are absolutely losing it in the stands. before kiyoomi can even react, they're interrupted by the team barreling into them, pushing them onto the ground in one big heap.

this is positively the best moment of atsumu's life — until it's over. the second they untangle themselves to greet the other team, attend the post-game interview, or the celebratory team dinner on coach foster's card, kiyoomi seems to pretend he doesn't exist. -

kiyoomi even chooses to sit beside meian on the bus back to the dorms. atsumu can do nothing but stare at kiyoomi's back as the spiker absolutely refuses to look at him. confusion and panic sets in on the bus. did he fuck up by taking things too fast? maybe he misread the -

signs and kiyoomi didn't like him at all — that one hurts. he really didn't know what to expect after spontaneously kissing the love of his life, but it wasn't this. before he can truly enter full-on panic mode, however, when they reach the dorms, kiyoomi is waiting -

for him right outside the bus. he grabs atsumu's wrist and basically drags him back to his room. bokuto sends a wolf whistle their way. kiyoomi flips him off with his other hand. kiyoomi pushes atsumu into his room and immediately crowds him against the closed door, locking -

it. "i'm sorry." he presses his forehead against atsumu's, hands running up and down atsumu's waist. "i- it's just, i knew if i could talk to you, i wouldn't be able to hold back."

will probably write a buffed version of this someday :D

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