A #namjinau where Seokjin the renowned chef finds out that he was just a second option to his fiancé whom he loved more than anything. While on the other side, the famous vlogger gets his heartbroken by his bestfriend who proposes

to someone else. Both of their hearts broken to million pieces, and they don't know how to heal each other. so when they meet will they heal each other? Will Love bloom again?


Tags: 🤍Age, haircolour, date, time, etc doesn't matter 🤍mentions of infedility(not b/w namjin) 🤍Namjin centred side ships will just be mentioned. 🤍Just two hearts healing each other. 🤍Slice of Life. 🤍My attempt on a drabble🥺 🤍Mainly healing, fluff, friendship and luv♥️

🤍interact with me🥺🥺🥺 🤍Hope u will enjoy it. 🤍I am writing it as i go, so be patient. 🤍Enjoy reading 😊



4. Everything goes...


7. Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. Any relationship without trust is a building without a strong base. Always remember that. Because broken trust= broken glass, irrepairable

🤍The friend groups are ♥️The cool ones : Jimin , Jk, Namjoon and Eunwoo. ♥️My family: Seokjin, Yoongi, hobi and Taehyung. 🤍Jin and Tae r brothers 🤍Others are friends 🤍 The friend groups doesn't know each other as of now. 🤍Will interact in future.

A/N: doesn't seem like much PPL. Are here. Will update it tomorrow morning 😊.

8. Healing is very important.

9. Chef Seokjin is my favourite 💜

10. They r trying their best 🥹

11. A Lil bit of problem🫣


13. Eunwoo🤝 Hoseok


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29. Nobody understands u better than someone who is also going through same thing.

30. Sharing ur pain reduces it and sharing your happiness doubles it💜

31. They r bonding🥹

32.🛑 TW// mentions of cheating🛑


34. *Cupid : cracks knuckles*

35. Important things👀

36. From this point on, the tweets will be taking place in weeks. So the time goes by.

37. Their friend groups will also start interacting with each other.




41. From there on their friendship bloomed. Their interactions on twitter became more frequent. Their friends also started interacting with each other. Their chats became longer, they started calling each other when they r free. Namjoon started to notice small things

42. Which jin does in his videos while cooking and Jin? He started noticing how Namjoon tried to find happiness in the smallest of things. They have met each other for the first time when Namjoon was invited by Hoseok for a party along with Eunwoo and others.

43. Initially there was an awkward air between Namjoon and Jin but as they started talking they blended really well. Jin would talk for hours about his college stories with his friends and about cooking while Namjoon will just smile and listening to him. Namjoon liked

44. the way how Jin's eyes sparkles when he talks about cooking and his family. He loved how innocent Jin is and most of all? He liked Jin's company. It maybe because they met at a stage in their life where they were both going through something similar. But when Namjoon thinks

45. About what Jin has been through and how Jin is trying his best to move past that, Namjoon admired how brave Jin is. Meanwhile Jin can't explain in words how thankful he is to have met Namjoon.

46. When he came to know about the betrayal that he wen through he thought he will never be able to feel love ever again. And then by accident he met Namjoon because they shared the same pain. And now when he looks at Namjoon who is excitedly talking about crabs

47. And his collection of bonsai's and about how important it Is to keep the bonsai at a particular temperature and how important it is to appreciate the beauty around us all Jin can do is smile. Jin finds a certain type of comfort in Namjoon's presence whenever they are

48. Together. Like a certain kind of peacefulness that keeps u at ease. He absolutely adores how Namjoon's dimples pop out when he smiles. And he loves it when Namjoon blushes whenever he pokes the dimples with his fingers. As days pass by without themselves Knowing,

49. They started growing closer to each other. Namjoon started to know Jin's favourite cooking styles while Jin started to by heart Namjoon's traveling tips and his schedule. Even though they thought of it as friendship on a strong level, in both of their hearts

50. There was a tiny voice which was telling them otherwise which they ignored for time being. But their friends who OBVIOUSLY has eyes and a brain to think started noticing everything because come on guys, THEY R NOT BLIND AND OBLIVIOUS like their 2 GOOD FRIENDS.

51. All these things happened in the course of 9 months. The tweets that follow are on the 10th month.


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79.Back to our namjin.

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80. Travel buddy reveal💜

81. Their travel diary starts now❤️

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99. Two sides.


A/N: Damnnnn 100 tweets💕💕. This was suppose to be a drabble but, here we r 🤡.

101. As Namjoon was waiting for Jin on downstairs if the hotel, he was having a whole crisis of scenerios in his head. He doesn't even know how to act to be honestly saying. Today is December 31st and by midnight it will mark the beginning of a new year.

102. Namjoon met jin exactly 11 months back. When he saw that tweet of Jin he felt bad to be in Jin's position which made him dm Jin. But never in his dreams thought that their friendship would grow this strong and neither did he expect to like Jin like this.

103. When they started talking it was just so they could tell each other how deeply they were hurt. Namjoon never thought that he would end up liking the same person whom he just wanted to be friends with. He is still walking back and forth thinking about how Jin

104. Might react tonight when Namjoon tells him how he feels. He is scared of the what ifs of that situation. He is scared that because of these feeling she might lose a good friend like Jin, but at the same time he can't keep it in anymore.

105. So in his own thought train he didn't notice jin walking up to him until he feels a tap on his shoulder. As he turns to see Jin, Namjoon's heart did a double flip and a slumber slot because standing infront of him ina sweater with Curly hair is the most

106. beautiful person Namjoon has ever seen. Jin is wearing a sweater with his adorable hair and when jin smiled Namjoon wanted to just combust on spot. Reference 💜

107. "Hi Namjoon." Jin says as he inspects Namjoon's face because to Jin Namjoon looks like he is lost. "You ok there Joon?" Jin asks which makes Namjoon come back to his senses. "Ha. Yes hyung. I am ok. I was just...... You look nice hyung" Namjoon says as he scratches his

108. head. "Well thank you. I put an effort to look good since u said it's a surprise" Jin says as he smiles at Namjoon. "I hope you like my surprise hyung." Namjoon says as he and Jin starts to walk forward. "You planned it Joon ofcourse i am going to like it." Which earns

109. Jin a shy smile and Jin swears he want to protect that dimpled smile at all costs. When jin came downstairs he saw Namjoon walking back and forth as if he was waiting for his result or something but jin found it cute. When Jin looked how comfortably Joon is dressed

110. In a sweater just like him and how he was looking like a lost puppy when he greeted him , Jin really wanted to just Squeesh Namjoon's cheeks. Reference 💜

111. As Namjoon keeps on talking about the many things that he is planning to do in his vlog in future and about the galleries they visited, all Jin could think about was how his life has been for past 11 months. He doesn't even know how he started smiling again and how he

112. Started to go back to his life. He did all that unconsciously. When his heart was broken he never thought he will be ever able to feel that warmth or love for another person. But as he looks at the person with whom he is walking with who is talking animatedly

113. With his hands and is smiling jin can't seem to think about heart break but rather he wants to think about more days where he gets to see that smile. His wound is still there, but it's healing from the day he started talking with Namjoon. He doesn't know what

114. That feeling of comfort he experiences when he talks to Namjoon. He also doesn't know why his heart always picks up speed when he meets Namjoon or sees Namjoon's notification on his phone. As he smiles and looks forward, he stops in his tracks because before him

115. Was the surprise Namjoon told him and jin was left breathtaken.

116. "Wow Namjoon that's so beautiful." Jin says as he walks forward towards the sea. "I know that's why i wanted to take you here before we go back." Namjoon says watching Jin looking completely lost in the view. "This is awesome Joon" jin says as he bends to take a scoop of

117. Water in his hands. "Look at it. It's so pretty." Jin says as he brings his hands infront of him to look at it completely missing the way Namjoon is looking at Jin , dazed in adoration. "It is beautiful." Namjoon says as he keeps looking at Jin. When Jin looks up

118. He sees Namjoon looking at him fondly which makes a deep blush to appear on his cheeks.

119. Jin then drops the water down and then looks at the beautiful sky as an escape mechanical to not acknowledge the fact that Namjoon called him beautiful, but his rose cheeks gave that away. "Thank you for taking me on this trip with you Joon. I never thought

120. It would be this fun. The past two weeks, was the best days of my life. thank you Joon for the happiness that u gave me through this trip" jin says as he looks at Namjoon who is looking at him m "U don't have to thank me hyung. I should thank you for coming along

121. With me. I usually don't take anyone with me anymore because once I took my best friend with me and he told me how boring it was, so af-" "Boring????Which idiot ts u that. It's the best experience of my life joon. If u call me again, I will come running with you

122. It was so fun. so never say it's boring again." Jin says with his brows frowned. "You will come again?" Namjoon asks as he steps forward to jin. "Of course I will. As i told, the trip made me happy and i never knew i needed this." Jin says not moving from his place

123. Staring right into Namjoon's eyes. "U r happy hyung? Because of the trip?" Joon asks as he take one more step forward now leaving only one feet distance between him and Jin. "I was the happiest these past days because of the trip and" jin pauses when he sees how close

124. They both r standing. "And? What hyung?" Namjoon asks with so much hope in his voice that's without thinking Jin takes a step forward so that now they r standing chest to chest with their toes touching each other "because of you. I would have liked the trip if it was

125. With someone else too. But i would not have loved it if it wasn't for you. So thank you Joonie for some of the best days of my lif-" "If u give me permission I would like to make all your days happier and a little bearable from now on." Namjoon says as he intertwines his

126. Fingers With Jin's. Jin's eyes go wide at that. "Namjoon i-" "Let me finish hyung" Namjoon interupts. "That day when i saw ur tweet I dmed u because I understood the pain u felt to a level. And after that as we talked u became a very good friend of mine. Everytime

127. I feel like I am not good enough, I tall to u and i completely forget about I ever had that question of "am i good enough?" In my mind. You always gave me a sort of comfort that I never knew existed just by talking to me. " Namjoon sees how Jin's eyes is welling up with

128. Tears so he joins their foreheads , " I thought that my broken heart can never be brought back together but as days passed with us knowing each other,my heart started to heal on its own. And the funniest part hyung" Namjoon gives a chuckle, "I didn't even know

129. That i was healing. With u everything is easy. It's so easy hung, it's so damn easy to" Namjoon paused which made Jin come more closer to his face, "Easy to what Namjoon?" Jin Whispers right above Namjoon's lips while looking right into Joon's eyes. "It so damn easy to

130. Love you hyung. It was so easy that I didn't even know when i started falling for u. It's so easy that by the time i realised I loved you I was already fallen hard for u." Namjoon says with so much tenderness in his voice that jin closes his eyes which makes his tears

131. To flow freely, now making both of them cry. "I know it might be hard for u to love me because of what happened to you last time. I know u loved him and if u can't reciprocate my feelings for you now i understand. I mean I know I am a mes-" joon gets cut off

132. By a pair of lips on his which makes Namjoon's eyes go wide. Jin cups both Namjoon's cheeks and pressed his lips against Namjoon while Namjoon stands frozen. Jin pulls back a little to see a wide eyed Namjoon looking at him in utter shock which makes him give a small smile

133. "I am a mess to Joonie. When i first saw ur message I found a sense of familiarity towards you even though I didn't know u. I know it might seem weird or something but I felt comfort on your words the first time I talked to u. " Jin crosses his arms on the back of Namjoon's

134. Neck and pulls him closer if that was even possible and whispers right above his lips, "I would like to have that happiness if it's with you Namjoon. Because when i thought that my heart can never fall in love, u just barged in without a warning and made my

135. Heart feel the love. For the first time, my heart smiled when i saw u smile. So thank you for making my heart smile and my life a little more bearable and if u promise me that I get to wake up to ur eyes every morning holding me in them, i would like to make u my mess

136. In return u have to guarantee me that I will be your mess and together we will make our home." Jin says and sees how Namjoon's eyes soften and how those dimples peek out when he smiles and whispers on to Jin's lips , "You have my word" and with that he smiles and leans to

137. Kiss him. They both close their eyes and kiss each other as if they finally found what they have been craving for. Jin's hands goes to Namjoon's nape caressing his hair there while Namjoon's hands rubs on both sides of Jin's hips as they kiss. It's a very tender, soft

138. Kiss filled with so much love and admiration for each other. The kiss spoke to both of their hearts all the words they needed to hear and as the kiss the sun setting on the background marking the end of a day and the beginning of a new journey for Namjoon and jin because

139. They deserve the happiness. They deserve to feel loved and last but not the least they deserve to belong to each other.

140. It's official 🥰

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143. I mean why would he be jealous when-

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148. Love is in the air👉👈




If you have reached this far, thank you so much for reading 💜🥺. I hope u enjoyed the ride. Do let me know ur thoughts about it as ur interaction helps me to write 💞💞. Stay safe 💜. See you on another universe of mine🥺. C Ya 🫂

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