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1. #Thread on genealogy of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj This thread will investigate into the myth, popularised by Jadunath Sarkar:- 'Genealogy of Shivaji Maharaj was fabricated for Coronation' #ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj

2. Pic 1: Jadunath Sarkar used 'Shivdigvijay' as primary source, which he himself considered it as 'unreliable and imaginary'! Pic 2: A letter written by Jadunath Sarkar about his opinion about Shivdigvijay. Pic 3: Surendra Nath Sen also questioning Shivdigvijay's credibility.

3. This is the genealogy of Chh.Shivaji Maharaj from his father's side. He is said to be descendant from Mewar Sisodiya.

4. Ajaysinha had 2 sons-Sajjansinh & Kshemsinh. Ajaysinha accepted his nephew Hamirsinh Sisodiya as his successor. Sajjansinh & Kshemsinh being disinherited by their father left for the Deccan in search for fortune. The elder brother Sajjansinh is the ancestor of Chh.Shivaji.

5. Rana Dilip Singh, son of Sajjansinh helped to established Bahmani Sultan & revolt against Muhammad bin Tughlaq. Rana Dilip Singh was granted 10 villages in Devgiri (Daulatabad) area by Alauddin Hasan Gangu, the Bahmani Sultan. (Pic 2 is the org. firman)

6. Bhairoji was the son of Rana Sidhoji (son of Rana Dilip Singh). It is this Bhairavji, Bhosaji or Bhosla, the first Rana of Mudhol from the family is said to have got the surname of Bhosale. (Firuzshah Bahmani's firman to Bhairoji 👇, Pic 4 original)

7. Bhairoji had 2 sons-Ugrasen, Rana Devaraj. Rana Ugrasen had 2 sons-Karansingh & Subha Krishna. But due to some misunderstanding, Subha Krishna with his uncle Pratapsingh went to the ancient family's jagir of Devgiri around 1460. Thus the family of the 2 brothers separated.

8. Chh.Shivaji Maharaj is a lineal descendant of Subha Krishna. Subha Krishna's successors continued to live in Devgiri. Successors of Subha Krishna- Rupsinha, Bhumendraji , Dopaji, Barhatji, Kheloji, Parsoji & Babji. Both brother got pargana (group of villages) of Wai.

9. Rana Karansingh (the elder brother of Subha Krishna), ruler of Mudhol obtained their name as 'Ghorpade' by climbing the great fort of Khelna (now named as Vishalgad) with the help of iguanas (Ghorpade in Marathi). Ghorpade form the senior branch of Bhosale.

10. Maloji Bhosale, grandfather of Chh.Shivaji Maharaj, constructed the temple of Grishneshwar, near Verul (Ellora). Maloji Bhosale was son of Babji Bhosale.

11. Shahji Raje Bhosale, father of Chh.Shivaji Maharaj, called himself a Rajput in a letter to Adilshah Sultan. Radha Madhav Vilas Champu, written by Jayaram between 1654-58, also testifies this.

12. Contemporary sources describing Shivaji Maharaj being Kshatriya & Mewar Sisodia descendant:- -Khafi Khan (1664-1732), Mughal historian -Shivbharat, by Kavindra Parmanand (betn 1661-74) described Maloji & Shahji being Suryavanshi -Sabhasad bakhar, by krishna sabhasad (1697)

13. A contemporary English letter (1659), which is translated in Marathi, also mentions 'Rajput Shivaji'

14. Other sources: Pic 1👇: Russel's 'Castes & Tribes of C.P Vol 4' - Mr Enthoven enquiry abt genealogy Pic 2👇: Col G.B Malleson's 'Historical Sketch of the native India' (1875) describes Bhosale as descendants of Mewar Sisodia, & Ajaysinha’s two sons going to Deccan.

15. This was the THIRD TIME Jadunath Sarkar is debunked comprehensively in Maratha history's matters! Debunk No.1: Chh.Sambhaji & Rajaram smear - Debunk No.2: Myths around Coronation -

16. Hence,it's advisable for people to not take Jadunath Sarkar as final authority on Maratha history,& read his works on Marathas with skepticism. Nevertheless, Jadunath Sarkar's valuable work in uncovering the real Aurangzeb,& refusal to whitewash him, is still to be respected


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