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SkTs “Are you sure he isn’t a vampire?” Hinata asked for the fifth time that week. Sakusa sighed, eyes rolling up. The team had caught a glance at his body earlier in the week, spotting all the love bites he was covered in. “They are love bites. I know you know what they are

because I’ve seen them on you.” Sakusa watched as Atsumu had an animated conversation with Bokuto across the gym. “Yeah, but. Yours looks like he’s trying to draw blood!” Hinata could barely look at him without blushing. “And I like it. Would you like to discuss my sex life

some more? Because I could tell you about this one time that Atsumu ate my-,” Sakusa was interrupted by Hinata’s shrieking. “I’m good! It’s good! Won’t ask again!” As the ginger scrambled away, face ashen, Atsumu jogged up with an amused smirk. “Asking about the bites again?”

Atsumu pressed his thumb into one he knew was sensitive by Sakusa’s hip. “For someone so nosey, he’s pretty shy,” Sakusa dropped a kiss on Atsumu’s head, leaning into the pressure. “Imagine if they saw the ones ya leave on me. I think they’d be scared of ya.” The both giggled

in the corner, swapping kisses and feeling the heat of each other’s marks under their shirts.

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