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1/ THREAD The Truth about Crypto CT thinks they are judge, jury and executioner, and I will not engage with a mob. As a side effect, there’s no need to hold back anymore. Time to take the gloves off. Here are some truths and alfa about crypto and CT:

2/ Whenever the Optimism and Arbitrum airdrops happen, wait for the initial dump, then go in hard if you believe in Ethereum. Should be easy wins.

3/ Don’t buy YFI before the tokenomics revamp. Don’t try to front-run the revamp either; they’ll release it when price is down and their perps are ready.

4/ CT demonizes doxxed accounts who post pictures of their happy normal lives, and it’s disgusting.

5/ STG is incredible tech, but the emissions are too heavy. All of the brand-name CT whales that made ludicrous profit on it knew that up front.

6/ FTX captured CT with cheap sponsorships, even those on their high horse about integrity. It’s blindingly obvious. If you guys are so rich, drop these sponsorships.

7/ Be careful “making friends” on CT. Most will backstab you as soon as it’s profitable. There’s no “inside info” waiting if you make the right friends. Even if there is inside info for smaller projects, in theory that should be the ultimate scumbag move.

8/ ENS is a cowardly organization and should be ashamed of how they treated Brantly. No one who believes in the ideals of decentralization and Ethereum should be happy about what happened or use ENS.

9/ SPELL was a highly useful and functional protocol, and Dani seems like a kind person with pure intentions. He didn’t deserve what CT did to him and his projects. Dani made millions for most of the CT royalty, and no one defended him.

10/ Until there’s a surge in liquidity and activity on Optimism, SNX probably isn’t a good bet. dydx is the better play. Don’t buy yet though, too many emissions.

11/ SILO is an amazing project with a skilled team, but the funds that own the majority of supply are brutal and will dump on you.

12/ Luna and UST is the most obvious ponzi of all time. Any CT personality who pretends otherwise is operating in bad faith. Luna will crash and burn, and it might not even be very long from now.

13/ Smart contracts are incredibly dangerous. The risk from farming is almost never worth the APY unless you’re being very careful spreading out funds across protocols. The first days of rugs on Arbitrum were extremely painful.

14/ Both crypto and traditional markets will be annihilated in the coming months. Look at what is happening in China this week.

15/ There’s a bull case and a bear case for every token, but they often have impacts on vastly different time horizons. Don’t buy a token before making your own argument for and against and understanding when the various factors will become important.

16/ Don’t obsess over the technicals of new projects. Initial price action depends on circulating supply and narrative, nothing else.

17/ The Frax team is making a major tactical tokenomics blunder with their decision to turn on FPIS emissions for the FPI/FRAX pool before turning on higher emissions for the FPIS/FRAX pool. Any farmer could have advised them against this.

18/ Arthur wrote an entire blog post about staked ETH and yet didn’t understand how Lido-staked ETH works. Think about that. The OGs were early, nothing more. Don’t put them on a pedestal.

19/ lens should have been huge and AAVE has completely fumbled it. Classic example of how DeFi “blue-chips” will get steamrolled if real Silicon Valley tech enters the blockchain.

20/ Every fund and large actor in CT peddled a BTC dominance narrative in fall 2021 and then dumped on you just before all-time high. Probably the biggest rug on retail in crypto history. Why do you think all the liquidity for smaller projects disappeared after that?

21/ VSTA has way too many emissions. Check out the capital flows from the LBP and the ensuing price action.

22/ Don’t ever marry your bags. You’re allowed to change your mind about a project when you learn new information, no matter when that happens. New info can be as simple as how price reacts to positive info. Don’t bag-hold out of loyalty.

23/ COW will bottom around 15 cents, the same price at which the daily unlocked coins were purchased.

24/ Options are extremely dangerous and basically no one should use them. Their best utility is for automatic background actions (like Atlantic options to prevent liquidation). Hopefully DPX can pull off that second-order utility separated from the options themselves.

25/ Every token release is manipulated. The good projects will keep going and rise in value over time, but there is almost no organic price discovery. Every darling coin of CT is being artificially supply shocked by whales acting in explicit or tacit coordination.

26/ The GNO team is brilliant, but they can’t fix their tokenomics or engage in effective business development because they’re hamstrung by their fear of regulators.

27/ I love Ethereum, but the Ethereum core team’s recent cavalier indifference towards how their public comments affect ETH as an asset are a strong argument in favor of Bitcoin as a superior store of value.

28/ Most of the CT royalty are mean people. Just look at how they treat the few accounts that don’t conform to their narratives or bet against their ponzis. In real life, these people would be the cool kids making fun of you in middle school.

29/ KYC may hobble crypto. There’s a ticking clock on “making it” before that happens.

30/ Perps were invented so funds can manipulate prices and dump on retail.

31/ FDV really is a meme. You only need to calculate sell pressure (based on emissions and unlocks) and estimate buy pressure (based on narrative) over your investment horizon. If buy pressure > sell pressure on any given day, price goes up.

32/ Ethereum is the one true hope for freedom on Earth. If global governments outlaw it or if the funds let it die by pumping cynical alt-L1s to dump on tardfi, then there may be an extended dark age of oppression and censorship.

33/ If you appreciate the truth and alfa, please pay it forward with independent thinking 🙏 ✌🏻🎌

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