LLRT. #miyacest I can't help but think about Atsumu wanting to keep up with his fitness (no available weights/gym membership/just visiting Osamu) and asking, nay, BEGGING Osamu to get on top so he can get some hip thrust reps in.

Osamu's climbing on top on him shakily, straddling him and grabbing onto Atsumu's shoulders. And Atsumu's patting his hips gently, being all reassuring and affectionate- "Don't worry Samu, I'm not gonna drop ya. Still gotta get my post workout. +

Can't do that if my number 1 chef is out of commission." He's rubbing down Osamu's sides and staring INTO HIS EYES (Osamu's just malfunctioning -why are u, my brother, flirting w me in my own home on my damn couch- but he doesn't get up fffhsgahaga )

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