nsfw (osaatsu) #miyacestober2022 day 5 • gods/deities + worship // even though he had no subjects to see, osamu sat on his marble throne in the vast empty room nonetheless. well, that wasn't exactly true. because at his feet, kneeling perfectly and prettily, +

was his human brother atsumu, bobbing his head on osamu's cock obediently. osamu sighs with pleasure, and runs a hand through atsumu's hair, holding him in place, wanting his cock to be simply warmed by the adept mouth for a moment. +

it's a necessary form of worship, osamu had told him. something all of osamu's subjects need to do to earn his good grace, to be granted permission to dwell in his kingdom. the truth of it was, he just wanted his twin's mouth on him. +

osamu had quickly found out that atsumu was desperate for a brother, for any sibling, so was willing to do anything to stay by osamu's side. if osamu said it meant he had to service him sexually, then he obeyed. he was certainly apprehensive about it at first, +

the fact they /are/ twins, one being a god or not, still looming over his head. but when osamu said that he would have to send him home soon otherwise, atsumu quickly dropped to his knees and opened his sweet mouth. +

osamu himself was excited to find out he had a twin too. he couldn't believe it at first—after all, who would separate two twins so that they could make one of them a god? he made sure to observe atsumu first, learn about his life and who he was. +

he fell in love quickly, and easily. /he/ was incredibly handsome, after all, so it was not surprising that his brother was just as much. when he first visited atsumu, it was in his human form. he didn't want to scare him, not just yet. +

atsumu had been absolutely /delighted/, saying he couldn't believe he had a long lost twin brother. his enthusiastic was contagious, and osamu let himself be led around the village, atsumu eagerly showing him around and introducing him to everyone they came across. +

atsumu was clearly so excited to have a brother, but osamu was really only focused on getting into his pants. he /did/ take note of everything though, the state of the village, what atsumu had to eat. /i could give him so much more,/ he thought. +

/i could make my kingdom his own./ osamu told atsumu the truth that night, not wanting to waste another second. he wanted to take atsumu /home/, wanted to take him apart. "i can't... i can't leave them," atsumu had said, and osamu's expression darkened. +

"then you'll never see me again," was how osamu responded, already getting up and getting ready to walk away. atsumu clasped his wrist. "wait!" he exclaimed. "wait. just, give me a moment?" osamu did. he knew if he was patient just this once, +

that the payoff would be huge. "could i just have a look first? or— even if i hadta stay, wouldya let me visit from time to time?" osamu nodded, even though he had no intentions to. atsumu considered for a moment longer, and then nodded. "okay. okay, i'll go." +

atsumu was much less apprehensive about leaving his village behind once he actually arrived at osamu's kingdom. osamu couldn't blame the man—it was a far cry from the live he once new. he quickly became accustomed to his new life, with riches he'd never known, +

and a brother to get to know. he slept in osamu's room, of course. in his bed. even before osamu had fucked him for the first time, he wanted to have atsumu close, wanted to make sure he wouldn't try and run away. but he won't. osamu knows that now. +

osamu is aware of the influences gods have on humans. even the most clearheaded and logical man would sooner be affected by their enchanting power. soon, atsumu was drunk on osamu's cock, whether he was even aware of it or not. +

now, osamu doesn't even have to ask him for his 'payment'. atsumu does it himself, preparing himself for when osamu returns to his chambers for the night, or showing up during a particularly trying meeting between osamu and the other gods, offering to give osamu comfort. +

"come up here," osamu tells his brother, patting his lap. he pulls away the fabric covering his hips and reveals his hard cock. "come sit." atsumu doesn't need to be told twice, licking his lips and lowering himself on osamu's erection. +

osamu summons a mirror before them, and rests his chin on atsumu's shoulder. they look absolutely /ravishing/ together, atsumu's gold hair striking against osamu's silver. atsumu's pretty pink nipples, which osamu reaches up to pinch. +

atsumu gasps, then closes his eyes and turns his head to the side. that's no good. osamu puts his fingers under atsumu's chin and faces it towards the mirror again. "look, tsumu," he says, adopting the human nickname to make him feel at ease. +

"look at yerself, and tell me what ya see." "we have pretty much the same body," atsumu argues, which is true enough, but— osamu rocks his hips up, thrusting deeper into atsumu, reminding him exactly /what/ it is that separates gods from humans. +

because they're big, gods are. osamu's natural size is at least double atsumu's own, he only alters himself so he's... /easier/ for atsumu to take. but even then their size difference is stark, osamu fills up the entire mirror, only his torso to be seen, +

while atsumu's whole lithe body fits in it. "sure," osamu acknowledges, "but this is /yours/." atsumu moans at the praise, lifting himself off osamu's cock before slamming back down. he listens to osamu's command and watches himself ride osamu in the mirror, +

telling him that he sees a cockwhore, and that his skin is flushed pink, and his cock is so small compared to osamu's— /everything/, and that it bounces in the air. "let me tell you what i see," osamu whispers when he's done. he runs his large hand over atsumu's body, +

over his chest, his stomach, down to his cock. he wraps his hand around it and tells atsumu, "i see /perfection/. i see someone who was made for me, who was cruelly taken away from me, who i have rightfully reclaimed." "i'm yours," atsumu says, +

breathless and strained. he repeats, "i'm yours i'm yours i'm yours." he's doing so well, as a human, riding osamu's huge cock all on his own. but eventually it becomes too much, and his muscles are tired. he hunches over, resting his hands on osamu's thighs, confessing, +

"i can't, ah— it's too much." "it's okay," osamu cooes, soothing his back. "i can take it from here." he gathers atsumu into his arms and lifts him up, before leaning on his throne for support as he fucks up into him. +

atsumu cries out, becoming a mess in osamu's arms, telling osamu he's gonna come, begging osamu to let him come. "i've got ya," osamu says, rocking into him harder. "come for me," he commands, and atsumu spills all over his chest. +

osamu quickly follows, pulling out so he can paint atsumu's body with his seed, marking his territory. "fuck," he groans, as he strokes himself through his orgasm. "you're gorgeous." atsumu, with his addled brain, cutely responds, "/you're/ the god here." +

"yeah," osamu responds, "but you're somethin' else." atsumu smiles at him, and leans up to kiss him. "happy birthday, samu." osamu's eyes widen. he hadn't known. was it october fifth? he never really did care for human holidays, but he knew that atsumu did. +

that he still kept track of the comings and goings of each day, frequently informing osamu what sort of special day it was today. osamu wonders whether atsumu cares about his birthday more now that it's /their/ birthday. he wonders whether he's upset osamu didn't remember. +

"happy birthday, tsumu," osamu responds. atsumu's eyes soften. "now i hope that was enough birthday sex for ya, i dunno when i'll be able to go again." osamu says easily, "you know it's never enough. i'll let you rest until tonight." "you're a fiend," atsumu rolls his eyes. +

"fine. but only because it's yer birthday." "/our/ birthday," osamu corrects. today is important for him too, even if he didn't realise it. today is the day atsumu was gifted to this world, gifted to /him/. "our birthday," atsumu repeats, grinning. "hey, how 'bout ya help me +

make a cake! that's always important." how atsumu managed to turn one of osamu's rooms into a /kitchen/, and how he still wants to make things himself, osamu will never understand, but the least he could do was let atsumu indulge. +

osamu has made use of it too—he's even learnt how to make this thing atsumu liked so much, little white grains rolled together with a piece of seaweed wrapped around it, which always makes atsumu incredibly happy when osamu gives it to him. +

osamu supposes they could make a cake together too, even though atsumu always seems to be more of a mess when making food compared to osamu, which is funny considering their upbringings. "alright," osamu says, setting atsumu gently on the floor and getting up himself. +

"let's go make a cake." atsumu looks like he's about to set off when he stops, looks down at himself, then back at osamu again. "uh, on second thought, i might take a bath first?" the thought of atsumu washing himself clean of osamu makes him growl. +

"we're going straight to the kitchen," osamu repeats in a stern voice. atsumu looks surprised at his tone, but that quickly turns to understanding and laughter. "okay, samu, no needta get so worked up about it. 's not like i don't know how much ya like markin' me, +

or how /possessive/ you are." "good," osamu backs off a bit. "as long as you know." atsumu rolls his eyes affectionately, and begins to walk away. osamu watches him for a moment before catching up. +

in his mind, he is already thinking about how he will wreck atsumu later tonight.

// THIS IS SUCH A MESS LMFAO BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOTHERFUCKIN' TWINS!!!!!! absolute icons i hope they have a good fuck today.

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