ʿAqīl المُصْطَفَوِي

ʿAqīl المُصْطَفَوِي



Making sense of reality requires a worldview. Only by understanding the relations between things do we arrive at ‘meaning’ [maʾnā] in its truest sense. My latest series of articles for @TraversingTrad is meant as an introductory work to this topic. Articles below, inshāAllāh.

In part 1, I set up some important premises: definitions, the main comparative thesis between Islām and the modern West, and the meaning of ontology [the study of being]:

In part 2, I focus on the worldview of Islām. Its emphasis on maintaining a hierarchy of “God-man-nature” forms the basis of how we come to understand everything else: knowledge, actions, governance and human interactions:

In part 3, I critique the worldview of the modern West as being inverted from the true hierarchy: material/quantity reigns supreme and reality is now formed of the basis of this instead: Wallāhu aʾlam. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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