Sanjeev Sanyal

Sanjeev Sanyal



Yes, your journalist did speak to me but the article does not reflect the conversation and uses an arbitrary two word "quote". Would you like to hear the conversation? I have the full audio recording.

As promised, this is the full recording of my discussion with NYT journalist Suhasini Raj about the Indian response to the Covid19. Conversation starts at 1:50 2/n

30 of 40mins was about the thinking behind India's policy response. As will be obvious, the journalist was not interested. She already had an agenda to push a pre-decided story. When I did not play along, she tries in the last 10 mins to put words in my mouth 3/n

Since I did not provide a quote useful to her agenda, I was just give a two word quote in the article just to show that NYT gave all sides a chance. I am posting the recording so that it can be used as a case study on how Indian officials can deal with biased Western media 4/n

Some of you have asked me why I even bother to engage. My view is that one should engage with all parties in good faith - it is not about my personal preferences. However, one should do it with one's eyes wide open (and a recorder by the side) 5/n

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