NSFW omegaverse Sakusa has never knotted anyone before. Atsumu’s mouth and hand were the first things to touch his knot that wasn’t his own hand. “I’m in love with you,” Sakusa hisses through clenched teeth. “But if you so much as look at me right now, I’ll bite you.” Atsumu

laugh, eyes closed. “It’s the endorphins. Happens when ya knot.” “I want to breed you. Fill you full of my pups. Want to sink my teeth into your neck until you’re stuck with me forever.” Sakusa’s hips twitch and he nearly cries when another orgasm is wrung out of him. “It’s okay

Omi,” Atsumu clenches, moaning at the fullness. “Yer doing so good.” “I think I’m cumming all my common sense out, because the thought of anyone else even looking at you makes me want to commit murder.” If Atsumu keeps clenching Sakusa is certain he won’t ever be able to unlock

from him. “That’s normal, too.” Atsumu peeks up at him. “I don’t think we can ever leave your nest. It’s not safe. Doesn’t smell like me. God. We are going to have to quit volleyball.” Sakusa can feel the tingle in his spine of another wave of orgasm. “It’s okay. I have money.

I’ll take care of us.” Atsumu snorts, hands soothing on Sakusa’s back. “Whatever ya say, Alpha,” Atsumu knows he will come back to his senses soon. “Jesus fuck,” Sakusa does cry this time as he fills his omega up once more. “You can’t say that shit to me. I’m dying.” Atsumu

laughs again, scent happy and in love. “Okay, Omi. I’ll be good for ya.” Sakusa slaps a hand over the omega’s mouth. “Please stop talking. Or my knot is never going to go down.” Sakusa groans as Atsumu wiggles again, and then winks. It eventually does go down, an hour later.

“Want to go again?” Atsumu asks, a river of cum sliding down his thighs. Sakusa can’t look away. Sakusa thinks he might actually die, but then he sees how stretched and pretty Atsumu’s hole looks. “Might as well die doing what I love,” Sakusa grumbles as he climbs back on top.

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