Shreyas Doshi

Shreyas Doshi



On picking the next company to join

On evaluating the caliber of people before joining a company

Why firefighting is the default operating mode in many companies

Important for megacorp employees to understand, if they plan to further grow their career outside of megacorps

A thread that captures some high value lessons that took me a very long time to learn

Understand the 4 Types of Product-Market fit

Execution, Strategy, Market – each of them plays a role in a product's success. A thread that provides a simple heuristic to better understand this and explain it to others on your team:

Must-read books for product leaders

A story that tends to repeat over & over, even within the smartest companies in tech. See if you can spot all the mistakes made by the characters in this thread (hint: there are several dozen) and who is most culpable (hint: it isn't the PM or the Eng Mgr)

As a founder or product leader, one of your main jobs is to create clarity & alignment. That is why this helps tremendously:

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