EDUCATION | HTF LIQUIDITY GRAB. I saw so many people going long/short just because its a sweep, and I'm ok with that, but you're probably going to be stopped even in the M5 without a criteria or a structure break. (at least with crypto) I'll explain why w/ a BTC scenario.

1. Intro Talking about BSL and SSL, it's obvious to "think" that after a liquidity grab by one side, you usually look for the other one to be taken. From my point of view, I look for confirmation in the chart instead of shorting/longing just because its an HTF liquidity grab

2. Entry criteria What am I looking for after an HTF LG? What am I "NOT" looking for after an HTF LG? Why?

3. BTC real scenario - part 1.

4/. BTC real scenario - part 2.

5 - Why are you still shorting without confirmation?

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