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I'm a Head of Finance at Google. I've interviewed 100s of candidates in my career and I know my decision within the first 7 minutes. Do these 5 things to prepare for the interview and I guarantee you'll impress recruiters and hiring managers at your dream company:

1.1 Polish your resume Make your life easy and use this template. This one-pager got me hired at GE, Microsoft, and Google. Make sure you: • Give context on all your roles • Quantify your accomplishments • Use words in the job description Make it hard to pass on.

2.1 Research the company Study their company website and social media channels to understand the latest trends. • Are they investing in something new? • Are they acquiring another business? • What are their values? • Are they being sued?

2.2 Research the company Download the latest earnings call report. This is where the CEO/CFO talk about the latest strategies and investments of the company. Also, study the questions from the analysts. They will give you an idea of what's "top of mind" for investors.

2.3 Research the company Download the latest annual report and memorize the key figures such as revenue, profit, assets, and cash flow. You will also find the business model, products, and risk management profile of the company. Show interest in how the company makes money.

2.4 Research the company Read about the industry they operate in. - If it's in tech, read about cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and robotics. - If it's in energy, read about the prices of oil, natural gas, and renewable energy (solar, wind, nuclear). Think broad.

3.1 Prepare for the "80% questions" 4 out of 5 questions that interviewers ask have been asked before. Take advantage of that. - Go to and search for company-specific questions. - Draft an answer to each based on the STAR framework. I explain it below.

3.2 Prepare for the "80% questions" For example: "Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond" The STAR framework looks like this: Situation: What was happening at the time? Task: What was asked of you? Action: What did you do? Result: What was the outcome?

3.3 Prepare for the "80% questions" Embed the company strategy and job specs in your answers. If they're hiring to grow sales, use examples where you exceeded quotas or worked on go-to-market. If they're hiring to cut cost, use examples where you worked on productivity.

3.4 Prepare for the "80% questions" Learn the difference between hypothetical questions and behavioral questions. Hypothetical are about what would you do in a specific scenario. Forward-looking. Behavioral are about what you did in a specific scenario. Backward-looking.

3.5. Prepare for the "80% questions" To nail hypothetical questions, study case-interview strategies used in consulting interviews (best book is Case Interview Secrets by V. Cheng). The key is to show how you think. To nail behavioral questions, draw on your own experience.

3.6 Prepare for the "80% questions" Practice. Practice. Record yourself using an app like voice notes or Even better, record yourself on video. This will help you become self-aware and improve your entonation and body language.

4.1 Ask questions If you don't ask questions, you won't leave a good impression. Here's a list for you: 1. When was the last time you promoted someone? 2. What do you like/dislike about the company? 3. Why is this position open? Remember, you're also interviewing them.

4.2 Ask questions Do your research on the interviewer. Do this: - Check their Linkedin - Google their names - Check their Twitter The goal here is to find some common ground with the person in front of you. They're human beings who have interests. Just like you.

5.1 Interview etiquette After the interview, send a thank you email. Be genuine and say how much you enjoyed the conversation. Give them specific points! Use this to reinforce that the combination of your skills and personality would be a great fit for the role.

What if you don't get it? I got rejected by Google and Microsoft more than once. Yet, I was able to work for both. If you don't get it the first time, don't be discouraged. Keep trying and look at this as a learning opportunity. The next big job might be around the corner.

TL;DR How to impress recruiters and hiring managers to secure an offer? • Polish your resume • Research the company • Answer the "80% questions" • Practice, practice, and practice • Always say thank you at the end • Don't get discouraged if you don't get it

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