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Ellie 🦇 (comms open!)



SakuAtsu // NSFW implied Atsumu born into a poor family, but they are a happy family. He was raised with love and laughter despite not having much and barely making it by. And soon as he and Osamu are old enough they get jobs and start to work to provide for there family. +

One day, Atsumu see’s a sign. The royal family looking for a concubine for their youngest son. And it comes with a hefty paycheck. So Atsumu signs his name and doesn’t tell his family till the day before he is to head off for the castle for evaluation. +

His parents aren’t happy, but know there is no stopping their headstrong firecracker of a son. But that night Osamu tears into him, they go to bed angry, and Atsumu leaves the next morning before anyone in the house hold can wake up. +

When he arrives at the castle there are hundreds of people, all with a different number. They are instructed to wear long underwear and are taken one by one into a room. Atsumu doesn’t pay attention to who comes back out. When he is finally called in he enters with his head held+

High. He doesn’t hide himself from the prince. Who is sat on a throne, looking bored as he takes in Atsumu’s body. The prince ask basic questions, his name, how old he is, he he wants to be here. And to Atsumu’s surprised he is passed to the next round. +

In the next round he is pampered and scrubbed and presented like a present to the prince. It’s a trial of how well they can do the duties expected of him. He passes with flying colors. Staying close, but not to close, with Prince Kiyoomi. Listening to the dinners, +

Sitting between Kiyoomi’s legs at council meetings, and secretly learning. And in the 3 weeks he is on trial he becomes friends with the Prince. Kiyoomi finds himself gravitating to the blond. Choosing to stick close with him and asking for his opinions on matters+

For the kingdom. Kiyoomi learns that Atsumu’s knowledge of the poorer and the slums is invaluable if he wants to make a better life for his people. So to him, it’s a no brained. Atsumu is gorgeous, smart, and a wealth of information about the outside world.

The night he has announced the winner they fall into bed together. A mess of silk sheets, laughs, and clumsy inexperienced hands. And despite their lack of experience, Atsumu swears he see’s heaven and Kiyoomi know he is inside of it. +

And despite having sex multiple times a day, Atsumu continues to prove more useful. Assisting Kiyoomi with decision making and pointing out things he may have missed. Within months, Kiyoomi and Atsumu spend every moment together. +

5 years later and Kiyoomi still hasn’t had another concubine, announcing on the eve of Atsumu’s 26th birthday that he is going to wed the blonde. The kingdom is thrilled, especially those from the slums who know Atsumu and know the changes he has helped to make for them. +

His parents sob in relief. Someone loves their wildest son. And Osamu is grumpy, of course Atsumu would find his happiness in someone like Sakusa. But if his brother is happy he supposed he can be supportive. ///End

Do I know what this was? Nope. Do I plan to expand on this more? Yes. Please yell at me about this! (If you saw a typo, no you didn’t.)

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