Agenda Buster (ST⭐R Boy)

Agenda Buster (ST⭐R Boy)



Why Savarkar was sentenced to Jail? (An Explosive Thread) Do you know in which crime Savarkar was sentenced to 50 years Jail ? Ok we will talk about it later Do u know when was seed of Indian partition were sowed ? It was 41 years before partition in 1906 1/7

When Muslim league was formed in 1906 and they demanded separate muslim rights in India from Viceroy Lord Minto and Secretary of State John Morley. In that time there was no Hindu Muslim in India. Congress also demanded more participation of Indians in British Govt.

British Govt brought Indian Council Act in 1909 that is called as Morley Minto Reforms. This act first time in the history provided separate reservation for Muslims in British Govt. That was the most dangerous provision. Congress was divided in 2 fractions that time

Moderate and extremist (Naram dal, Garam Dal) Congress response was mixed, few opposed, few supported But there was one person in India who understood the dangerous intentions of British n opposed it severely N that person was.......

He was Vinayak Sawarkar Now the beginning question, Why Sawarkar was sentenced for 50 years ? And answer is He revolted against Morlo Minto Reforms Why no congress leader was arrested when they also opposed it ? Did they really oppose or it was just match fixing ?

Coz later same Congress joined hands with Muslim league in Khilafat movement and independence movement. Now one more thing. Who was the judge, who sentenced 50 years Jail to Savarkar His name was N Chandavarkar 👇

N who was Mr Chandavarkar ? I found the answer of this question in official website of Congress He was former President of Congress 😊 End of thread 7/7

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