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BKKR; ABO; scents Something something ff, idk how this one will go

Sitting on his bed, he glares at 4 bundles of clothes on his bed. He knows he shouldn't do this, he should take those thing and put them in the laundry machine, along with his. And Ei will end up smell like him again. His Alpha growls, wanting to scent the Omega all over.

It was an accident, or rather, Ei didn't think through and just dumped all their clothes in one go. With how his quirk works, the heavy sweat, the Alpha smell and the extra nitroglycerin. That week, his best friend walked around with his scents cling on him like a second skin.

Everyone was gobsmacked by it. When Dunce Face asked him are they dating. Ei looked at him with a confused face and said "No, why?" As if he didn't cover in Katsuki's scents, as if he just replied what's the weather that day.

Raccoon Eyes jumped in and said he was covering in an Alpha's scents, Bakugou's scents. "Oh, yea, I put Bakugou and my clothes in one go, I guess I didn't think our scents would mix." Everyone groaned, forgot how nonchalant the Omega is with being scents.

It's not the first time the Omega smelt like someone else. There are times he smelt like cold wet stone with hint of Fressia, a Beta scent. Another time he smelt like freezing breeze, like a typhoon raging on everyone, a warning, an Alpha scent.

He remembered he want to tear Ei's neck with his teeth of how overwhelming the Alpha scent was. Because of the existence of quirks, some people couldn't used scents blockers. People like him, he sweated more than the average Alpha, patches lost their adhesive a few hours later.

So children has to learn to control how much their pheromones could or couldn't let out. And learnt to quickly adapt to others people scents when growing up. Scents blockers are still used nowadays, just not for some people like him and Ei.

Because of Ei's harden quirk, the patches literally torn to piece whenever he used his quirk, the ones on his wrists. He did use a strong sticky blocker before and hated it. Swear to never wear one ever again. Soy Sauce commented about it. "It's fine." Ei shrugged.

"I never once wear it when I was in elementary school anyway." The day they present is the day their quirk appeared. And since kids barely hold back anything, they wear patches to avoid distressing other kids while learning to control their scents at home or with packs.

Only Beta kids are not required to wear one. And because of how unbothered he seemed with being scents, the class thought he was a Beta at first. Until they moved to into dorm, also the last time Ei is scented by his family.

The scent was heavy, a sour decay of rotten grass mix with burning leaf, a sad and angry Alpha scents. The scents were foul enough that others didn't dare to go near him, but at least they had a spar lesson and Ei got a good rinsing... also the day they found out Ei is a Omega.

Because of new discovery, Mina asked. "Kirishima, are your uh Omega works fine?" Because of course Mina wasn't subtle enough and didn't think asking such question would hurt her friend. Luckily, Eijirou just shurgged. "It's fine, it rarely communicated with me actually."

Everyone threw a concern look and decided to let it go.

There is a term called Broken Omega, Eijirou likely fall under that category without knowing. Produce less pheromone, couldn't communicate with their inner voice, had no desire to build a nest or get in a pack etc. And so many problems.

Katsuki scolded at the term, it sounds like a projection toward Omega that should always be a 'perfect' Omega in Alpha's eyes. Eijirou is fine, he is a fine Omega. Even he didn't budge from how heavily he was scent by Katsuki.

Granted it could be because he is the Alpha leader pack but then, Ei should know the only reason an Alpha heavily scent an Omega is to courting them, that they are interested in them. Any Omega should know this, they learnt this shit in middle school.

And instead of rejected or accepted him, Ei just smiled at him. The fact he didn't mind being scent, whether it was a rude gesture or a courting one. Or the fact he also didn't mind being scent by others like Dunce Face or Steel-Steel. It drived Katsuki crazy.

So back to why the fuck he has bundles of Ei clothes on his bed. Truthfully, no matter how close he is smelling his scent gland, particularly could claim him right. But Eijirou just hummed, so trusting in Katsuki, in his Alpha not to claim him. And it turns Katsuki on so hard.

He even let him licked his gland, earning a giggle from the beautiful Omega. But the taste is... bland, he could smell the mixture of toffee, lemon, musky and mint. Three happy Alpha and a happy Beta. But none of Omega scent.

He tried so damn hard to hold his tongue in, to stop himself asking why Ei tasted so bland and didn't have a smell. The things he didn't want on his to-do list is to upset the Omega. So he said nothing and nuzzle his- the Omega, pumping his scent out more.

Now, looking at 4 bundles of clothes. He feels a bit stupid. He and Ei usually take turn to take their dirty clothes to the laundry machine, in separate bags of course. Unless Ei wanted to walk around the school smelling like Katsuki again. Not that both of them minds at all.

But this time, he asked Ei to put his sleeping pajamas in a separated bag and his daily uniforms in another one. Ei was confused but didn't ask much since it was Katsuki turn to do the laundry.

Because if he didn't separated them, Ei's scents would be mix with others. And he prefer to smell purely only Eijirou's. As long as he didn't invite anyone in his room... Biting back a growl, he looks at each bundles, 4 simple shirts with 2 shorts.

He has dreamt of the Omega sleeping naked. Perfect peachy skin with only a blanket to hide or nothing at all with his hands between his spread legs. Ei's face looked him bashful with a small smile, teeth biting lip, eyes sparkles and slowly uncovered himself.

He never saw it til the end before his clock woke him up. That always left him with a boner and pissed off all days. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he should make it quick before anyone found out

Carefully and gently, he pick up the black t-shirt with 3 red dots on front. The material is soft in his hands, perfect for casual day and cool in summer. He lift it to nose and inhale slowly. And surely, a scent fill his nose, Eijirou's scents.

It smelt of wild chamomile, apple like and hint of herbaceous, sweet and fresh. It reminds him of a sweet smoky tea his mom drinks daily, the one his mom made for him. He still remember the taste, of how much it calmed him and soothed his Alpha.

It reminds him of home, a safe haven for him, a place where he always belong. Unbeknownst to him, he let out a purr, his Alpha content with his Omega scent. /Best Omega, perfect Omega. Mate! Mate!/

Katsuki snaps his eyes open, his Alpha shouldn't think like that, Eijirou is not theirs... /Ours mate!/ Katsuki ignores it and put the material into a bag. Looking at the rest, 2 of them are simple white t-shirt and the last one is a light red jacket with a Kanji word behhind.

He'll decipher what mood Ei was in with the black t-shirt later. Pulling the white t-shirt out, he slowly inhale it. Alpha may not has Omega's strong sense of smell but it knows how to detect basic foe and friend, potential mate and knowing its mate's moods.

Sweet scene of honeysuckle and sunflower with hint of hibiscus, a bit woodsy. It gives him a sunny, summery feel that he could only find on the moutain, the one he usually went hiking in summer. The kind of everything he wants, everything he need is right here, in front of him.

Katsuki inhales deeply, he wants to savor the smell, wants to bask in it, want to smell it right from Ei glands. He shivers and force himself to focus. He has a mission to do, he need to know what Ei smell like. Even it felt like lying to his friend and indirect stole his stuff.

But he isn't lying nor stealing, he's doing this to make sure Ei is alright, make sure Ei's Omega is not hindrance him or causing him any distress. He's studied about Broken Omega enough to know how emotional damage they could be when their inner voice kept beating them down.

For being unwanted, too undesired to be sired any Alphas. Even Ei doesn't seem like one, Katsuki knows the idiot likely hide it to keep everyone from worry about him. Bitting back a growl, he quickly put the shirt in the bag before picking up the jacket.

He's seen this one before, Ei wore it when the class was having a hot pot and he was sitting next to Ei. He remembered he had to keep in check his Alpha's excitment when the Omega gave him food... and also gave food to others which irated his Alpha a little bit.

Eijirou is a friendly person, Omega or not. He looks out for others in need and looks after his friends. Katsuki knows this but that doesn't mean he can't feel a bit salty when Ei's attention move to others. Especially to the Bird Head.

He knows it's normal for Omega to find company, solitude in other Omega, the same with Alphas. Or both Omega and Alpha seek Beta for a peaceful mind as Beta never bound to their instinct.

And Tokoyami is a Beta despite his Quirk, Dark Shadow always tell him to give in to the darkness or something. Either, seeing how close they are ignite his rage. He knows there are some Beta and Omega couples out there, even it's rare and Ei most likely not opposite to the idea.

And likely they're gonna be a couple if he doesn't do something. Legally speaking of course. But here he is, hiding in his room and sniffing his friend (who he may or may not has a crush on) clothes when he should take them to the laundry. Does he reject it? Absolutely not.

He put the jacket under his nose and inhale. Sweet strawberry honey struck his nose, he can't help but licks the smell and the taste of pomegranate on his tongue. He knows this smell. It was when everyone find out Ei was a Omega. Right when his heat started.

That day, the day they finally settle in dorm. Right after the last training lesson, everyone took a shower. While changing, his Alpha suddenly shouted. "Omega! Omega!!!" Seconds later, Half-Half spoke up. "Did anyone smell a Omega in heat in here?"

There are times when Alpha couldn't control their instinct due to lacking of self-control at young age. So for safety purposed, Omega usually got their own public shower/locker rooms, including the students, separated from Alphas/Beta ones. To avoid incidents and SA happened.

"Oh, I guess my heat is starting then?" Everyone turned to look at the voice. Eijirou finished changing into his casual clothes, donning a light red jacket. He looked up and smiled, a bit bashful. "Sorry guys, I forgot where the Omega room is sooo-"

He shrugged weakly and processed to walk fast toward the exist. After the sight of his dissapeared, the room became chaotic (actually from Dunce Face, Soy Sauce and Grapes). Of course he didn't pay it any attention. No his mind was busy being numbed af.

Eijirou was standing right next to him and only then did he finally pay attention to the scent. Strawberry honey. His Alpha was panting and howling, begging for more of his scents. Which was miracle itself because last time he checked, his Alpha wasn't interested in anyone.

He talked to his Alpha, at least when he was a kid. Listen to its guidance as it taught him lesson... Which required him to snap at everyone lesser than him, aggressive scenting a corner of the room to mark his territory, terrify others who dared step into his line of sight.

Chasing down a rat he saw in the backyard and put it on the table dinner to show his kill. He was damn proud about it too. His mom was livid when she found out he brought a dead animal corspe in. Needless to say, they brought him to a Alpha doctor for checks up.

Turned out, he was a Prime.

He was too young to control his Alpha so his mom simply said. "Tch, if you can't control your own Alpha, how can you become #1 hero then?" And he fell for it. Of course, his parents helped him through it. It took many errors and trials for him to finally control his instinct.

Nowadays, he just has quick react to bullshit and people mistake it for hot temper. Rolling his eyes, he wonders why he's still in the same class with others extra. /Because mate! Our mate is there!/ Right.

Rubbing his nose and sniffing the jacket once more time. The smell of heat from a week ago still lingering so he may as well savoring it. Gosh, he feels like a fcking creep doing this. Like a knot-head Alpha trying to get into a Omega pants by any means.

Katsuki puts the jacket back into the bag and finally move to the last piece of clothe. It's another simple white T-shirt. He puts it to his nose and inhale but immidiately pulls back and gags. The smell is horribly nauseating.

Rotten coprse, withered tree and bitterness taste of winter. Lying on the frozen snow, under the unforgiving blizzard, surrounded by dead forest and draw the last breath. The only thing left is the body reek of decay flesh.

He knows negative emotions play a huge role to their scents glands. But he never thought Ejirou scent was... His Alpha suddenly screams then growling, riled up by the scent. But it doesn't want to find the Omega to comfort him or make sure he's safe like he thought. No.

It wants to find the Omega to rip his neck off... FCK!!! This wasn't supposed to happened! Alpha shouldn't want to rip Omega's neck off, especially the one they trying to court!!! "Damn it!" Angrily shoves the t-shirt back in and tie the bag tight.

He's gonna figure this out later after he put their clothes in the washing machine. Even with Ei's negative smell made him want to fight instead of comforting him. He's not giving up in pursuing the Omega, he's gonna court the shit outta him whether his Alpha like it or not.

((This was suppose to be a short thread about Ei's scent but here it is, a long threadπŸ₯²)) Anyway, to the begin:

"Hey Bakugou, is there something on my face?" "No." "Then why are you staring at me?" "Haaah? I'm tutoring you for your shitty homework and I'm not allowed to stare at you!?" Eijirou raises an eyebrow at him. "It's called motivated stare!"

He can't help but think Ei's scrunched up face looks so cute. "Right... mind if I ask why did you sniff my clothes in your room?" Katsuki frozed. How did he know? Did someone see him? Should he deny it? Wait, that means he's gonna lie to Ei? "Hey man, you-"

"I don't know what are you talkn' about." His Omega frowns. "Katsuki, it's your turn to do the laundry and... you forgot to get rid my scents in your room." "What!? It's cause you always in my room for study lesson!!!" "Yea but, not ever when I'm in heat, yano and sad?"

FCK! He hasn't prepared for any of this. He was so stuck in his mind, mulling and thinking about the Omega scents that he forgot to get rid of the evidences. He didn't even question how his room smell different because it fits, how Eijirou's scents fit perfectly in his room.

But wait- "How the hell do you know if I sniffed your clothes? What if I only opened the bags to check to see if anything missing?" His- the Omega face literally scream to him- "Are you fcking kidding me? Did you hit your head today? When did you become dumb-dumb?" -out loud

"Did you have to check my clothes to the point it cling to your face, your neck and your shirt? Also, did you wash your face and sanitized my scents afterward?" .. No, he did not. He didn't once think about it after doing the deed, so comfort with his Omega scents cling to him.

Katsuki gulps, he has no more excuses or bullshit to make. Both stay silent for a long time, maybe just a few minutes before Eijirou sighs and drops his pen, he turns around and bare his gland, being a submissive Omega. "Come on, I guess you want to uh, scent me again?"

/YES!/ NO! No, that is not what he actually wants! It just, just- "Why can't I smell you?" "What?" "Wait no, I mean, why is your scent so... bland?" He whines when the words came out, saying it out loud basically question Eijirou being a "Broken Omega".

"Oh, so I do fall into "Broken Omega" category." "Eijirou, you're not-" Eijirou laughs, face down on the bed. "It's ok, I'm used to it anyway." And it makes him angry, make him infuriate of how Ei see himself like that, how he can never appearicate himself or his own strength.

Never hesitate, he turns the Omega to him, he expects some tears but Ejirou doesn't look sad at all. But even so- "You're not a broken omega, don't believe what those extras said about you. You're a strong, magnificent, chivalrous, gorgeous and kind Omega I've ever known!"

"You handle my Explosion like no others, you take it again, again, again and again. You can take whatever I throw at you and you'll be still standing, not even the rip off Steel-Steel is better than you. You're the only I ever see as my equal, nobody deserve you so- so-"

The amused face Ei has turned into a somber one, his lips crooked into a tiny smile. "Thanks Bakugou." His voice small, so small but so loud of gratitude. And the smell of rotten corpse fills his nose. Katsuki pulls Ei into his chest, arms wrapping tight around the small Omega.

He pats his Omega's back as his body shakes, he pumps out his comfort scent as his shirt stained with tears. He grits his teeth as the rotten scent choke his throat, as his gum ached to rip the Omega's neck off. Hugging the Omega tightly, Katsuki patiently wait. ~πŸ§¨β€βš™~

It's already passed his sleep schedule but since tomorrow is day off, he's gonna stay up late a bit. Not to mention, his Omega is still in his room. After he put Ei down on his bed and cleaned his face which he whined he could do it himself. He tidied their homework and snacks.

Really, only his Omega get away from bringing food into his room while others get flown into the sky. As he done cleaning the room, he looks at Ei, sitting comfortable in his bed, in his own makeshift Omega nest... on his bed. /MATE!MATE!MATE!MATE!/ SHUT UP!!!

"Oh!" As if coming back to his sense, Ei looks at the nest he made and blushes. "Sorry! I wasn't thinking, usually when I'm upset, I kinda uh- I'll undo it." "DON'T!!!" It comes out as a command. Shit. It's not the first he did it, accidently or not. /CW: bully./

He used to do it all the time when he was a kid and abused the power on Deku. Commanded him to eat dirt or the food he dropped on the floor. Commanded him to run around the school but backward, commanded him to jump into the dirty lake. He shuddered of what his younger self did.

What he did to Deku is nothing but acts of bully. He still haven't talked properly to the nerd or apology for his actions but right now, Ei needs him. Seeing his Omega frozen in one place, he can't help but blame himself. "Ei, I-" Eijirou suddenly snarls at him.

Sharp full teeth bare display, his body hunched down like an animal. Fingernails turned into deadly claws, ready to strike. The smell of burning forest fill his nostril, he put his hands up and opened his mouth, suddenly taste the salt ocean on his tongue.

He swallow, burning liquid scratches his windpipe. "Eijirou, calm down, please." What should he do? Eijirou may fall under the stupid category but he isn't like that, Eijirou is different. His mind runs through every information he has of how to calm a Omega down.

The popular way is to use the Omega family members or their pack scents to calm them down. Right now, he doesn't think Ei sees him as a pack leader nor his pack. As Katsuki racks his brain of what to do, whose scents should he use to calm Eijirou down or to find another way.

The Omega low growls suddenly stops and his posture goes back to sitting down in his nest. The translucent blood in his eyes dim back to cherry color. Eijirou lets out a harsh breath and shakes his head. "Ei?" He looks up and gives a small smile. "Yea... we need to talk."

~πŸ§¨β€βš™~ CW: heat ed, sex ed (?) "I'm a born Omega." "A what?" After checking the ruined sheet and helping Ei tidied his nest. The omega invite him in his safe haven (which was Katsuki's bed) and cuddled together. He let Ei took his time to started.

"It means, I don't present as a Omega but right from the birth, I'm already a Omega. It's not common and very rarely did it happened but I'm one of 0.01% born Omega." Katsuki nods, mentally put the searching Born Omega in his to do list.

He wants to ask some questions but he keeps his mouth shut. "Unlikes normal Omega whom heat only start at 15. Mine started when my quirk appeared... when I was 3." What!? That young!? There're so many thing wrong just from hearing that but he bites his tongue from asking.

"I still don't remember much about it nor how did I survive without heat toys." Katsuki knows Omega heat is something similar to Alpha rut. He knows when his rut hit, his mind gone, only his Alpha instinct left, the urge to find a hole to fill, to breed and claim something.

"There are others way to lessen pain in heat, using the Omega pack or their family members scents to soothe it. Of course, nothing is compare with stuffing full with an Alpha's knot and being filled to brim." Katsuki digs his nails into his palms, hauling his mind back in place.

"So I went through my heats with only my family scents. But I think because being scented all the time and even during in my heat, it neutralized my Omega? Like it stops caring about being scented? Whether because Alphas kept rejecting it made it shut down or something else."

Wait- what Alphas? "And uh, ok I know what I'm about to say may make you think different but it's not what you think ok? You have to listen till the end before jumping to conclusion, got it?" His Omega looks serious at him, lips drawn into a pout.

He wants to humor Ei a bit but since this is the only way to know the truth, he nods. "My dad is an Alpha and my mami is a beta." Katsuki tenses up. It's rare to hear Alpha-Beta or Omega-Beta pairs, lets alone the pairs actually got together and have kids.

Alpha/Omega-Beta relationship is not non-exist but because Beta can't claim nor be claimed, the relationship always end. Most rare pairs break up because the troubling of the claim, bond and mark, because being in a relationship with Beta never make an impact unlike Alpha-Beta.

Beta can't be claimed by an Alpha nor they can claim a Omega. So despite Alpha/Omega already in a relationship with a Beta, they still think they are unmate and need to find Omega/Alpha of theirs, because their secondary gender don't count Beta as their mate. It's a tragic.

But the fact Ei's parents are Alpha and Beta, but Alpha can't claim Beta so they are still unmated so Ei heats- Katsuki feels sick. "Bakugou? Bakugou!? Hey, snap out of it man!" He blinks, the shaking motion of his body stops. Warm hands holding his cheeks lightly.

Big red cherry eyes looking at him with worries. Seeing his friend come back, Ei lets out a small smile. "You ok?" Katsuki exhales sharply and nods. "Yea, I'm alright now." Ei bites his lips then asks. "Do you want to hear the rest? I swear, it isn't what you think it was."

He nods, Ei smiles and puts his hands down. And his Alpha already whining in his head, missing the touch of the Omega. "I already told you why Omega didn't react like normal Omega, usually, Omega being rejected while in heats can cause a lot of problems, like being Broken."

Or death but he doesn't need to say it. "My dad is technically unmated because my mami is Beta, so my Omega tried to court him many times. If it was another Alpha, they would mouting me long ago, and I haven't add the fact my dad helped me through all my heats too."

"So he didn't, like?" Trying to mount you? "No, he didn't. My dad is uh, you can say he's a Broken Alpha? Even though he didn't look like it. He told me he has never into Omega, Alpha or Beta, just my mami. I did ask him how did he resist and he said, practice and will power."

"Hah, your old man has a will of steel." Both of them chuckles.. "I guess my 'Broken Omega' came from dad. Even he's unmated, he's still has normal ruts but he's always into my mami even then. And as for my scents, well, I think being over-scented might clog it."

"And how sure you are?" Is being over-scented really clog the scents glands? Last he checked, Omega that got over-scented usually got knocked out and are victim of SA. Too much Alpha scents can make them feel fuzzy and daze, as they can trigger Omega heat early.

But that not the case with Ei. He's seem perfectly fine being over-scented. "Well, I have never been un-scented by my family whenever I go out or at home. I guess being the only Omega in the house make my dad and brother paranoid a bit." "You have a brother!?"

"Yes and he an Alpha." That explains why there were two different Alpha scents before. Wait, what did he just say? "What did you mean you have never been un-scented when you go out?" At that, Ei's demeanor change. "Oh looks, it's getting late, I'll let you sleep now, Bakugou."

Without hesitate, Ei runs out the door, he even left his homework behind. Leaving Katsuki dumbfounded in his room. "WHAT THE FU-" ~πŸ§¨β€βš™~

To the begin:

CW: mention death That night, he searchs for Born Omega and Broken Omega. The results are fewer than he expected. And what he finds out about Born Omega is... surprising.

They're rarer than most Prime Alpha and Omega with 4% of population while Born Omega and Alpha is almost non-exist. 0.01% with only a page research about them.

The uncommon ones, how their heats or ruts started right when their Quirks appeared, leading to the difficulties in helping the pups, barely a kid but a toddler to help them ease the pain. There're some diet act as suppressants pills but those only prevent the inevitable.

Some family when found out about their child, being born with their secondary gender. And most of the parents.. put their pups down.

Katsuki feels sick in his stomach.

He's glad Ei's family decided to raise him despite the hardship of their son being born different than others. Because if they didn't, he wouldn't get to know Eijirou.

As for Broken Omega section, he always thought it was some Alpha project their ideals of what perfect Omega supposed to be and if the Omega didn't their ideals, they declared those are Broken.

It was as he expected with the bullshit tabloid within few second results, after clicking page 4, he stumbles upon a web page with actual research about Broken Omega, of how it happened and the problems that those Omega deal with.

The most commons of Broken Omega happened when their mates left them, resulted in their bond broken suddenly, either through infidelity or tragic happened upon their Alpha life.

Signs show of how unresponsive they are with scents around them, produce less pheromone, neglected their nest, their appearance and their kids etc. Basically, a hollow walking shell.

Katsuki stops for a moment.

He wants to understand Ejirou more while trying to find a way to help him. But looking at what he was doing and what he said to Eijirou before, it feels like he betrays Ei's trust.

He told Ei he isn't a Broken Omega and now, he's looking through Broken Omega documents.

Feelings frustrated at himself, he grits his teeth and shuts his laptop. Even he wants to know everything, even he wants the answers right away. This isn't a proper way to court his Omega. Because Eijirou is not a Broken Omega.

With that, he ends the day, sleeping in his bed with Ei's nest still intact. He can almost smell the sweet scents of the Omega, Katsuki breathes in the sweet and fresh of wild chamomile tea. The smell of home. ~πŸ§¨β€βš™~

For the next few days, Eijirou avoids Katsuki. Which, isn't very manly of him at all. Second, it pissed Katsuki off.

He thought after what ever happened between them that night, would bring them closer. But all he got is his first friend/crush runs away from him like he's a plague.

What the hell did he do wrong again?

So for a good amount of time between chasing after Eijirou and focus on his hero career, he finally pins Eijirou in the hallway of their rooms. "So, gonna tell me why are you avoiding me these days hmmm?"

Red flush painting on his Omega face (he gave up correcting it). Cheery eyes glance around to see someone pass by or an exist. "Tough luck Ei," Katsuki leans in closer, teeth gently nibbing his Omega shell ear, "I'm not letting you go until you talk."

Eijirou tenses up, face already red and painted down to his neck. Katsuki can almost smell the sweet chamomile and strawberry. He oblivious buries his head into Ei's neck, wanting to taste, to smell more of his Omega.

He's interrupted when strong hands push him off. He almost growls and ready to snap until he notices it was Ei that pushed him. /Strong Omega, strong pups, mine!/ Eijirou is avoiding his eyes. /Omega, looks at me!/

Biting his tongue to keep himself from spouting his wants, he shouldn't done that. He should have wait for Ei to speak instead of closing in on his Omega like that. Since he still doesn't what is approved and what is not to Ei.

After a moment passed, Ei finally looks up at him. "I... I'm sorry, I'm not very used to... my Omega, it suddenly talked again and I'm scared." Lips drawn into a bitter smile. "I don't know how, but it's not normal, for me. And I- I, it just that-"

Katsuki suddenly tastes winter in his tongue.

With only a goal in his mind, comforting his Omega. He wraps Ejirou in his arm and pumps out his sense, he hope his scents are not bad. Smokey toffee and spicy cinnamon surround them both as Ei slumps down into him, body relaxed and lets out a purr.

Which instantly makes the Omega snaps out of his state and pulls back.

"S-see!?" Ei exclaims, "That never happened before! I never /purr/ or- or-" "Or being a normal Omega?" Wide cheery eyes look up at dark ruby. "Y-yeah..."

This situation, it feels like no ways to turn back after this, his only chance after so many tries to get to this point. When his All Might character finally beat the final boss.

Katsuki carefully touch Eijirou's hands, a question if he is allowed to hold his. Ei doesn't move beside a gently nudge. He holds Eijirou's hand, rough hands gently stroke the surprisingly smooth hands.

For him, he's lucky he has his old hag Glycerin dna in him so his hands are still in good shape, yet.

Ei though, for a person never properly clean his own room and lost stuff everywhere in his space. Eijirou takes care of himself really well, he eats meat with lots of green, has good skin routine for his body even he stayed up late at 3am.

While not every good at math, he's shine in Literature and History (not the Hero History ones).

Eijirou is a bit of enigma and simple text book, or something of both.

Katsuki looks at his eyes, he always love those cat-liked eyes of Ei.

"I don't care if you're a Broken Omega or not but," he swallow, "I want to help, regardless if you don't have feelings for me. I want to help you, to get back your scents, your Omega voice and your instinct."

"But it's fine if you don't want to, it's your decision and what your choice is, I'll respect it." Whatever may happened, whatever Eijirou choosed and wanted to be, he will always lov-

"You have feelings for me?" Ei shyly looks at him. Oh! For fck sake! He angrily pulls Ei by the waist toward him, ignoring the adorable squeak. He kisses Eijirou, deep.

To the begin (again):

CW: nsfw-ish, nothing major. One of his hand hold tight of Ei while his other gently cradle his head, perfectly slot their lips together.

There's a small resistance before his Omega purr and opens his mouth for him. As their tongues intertwine, dancing for the lead before Ei lets Katsuki dominated him. Smooth hands caress the ashy blond hair as Ei whimpers.

Katsuki moves his hands down and grabs Ei's ass. He's so lucky his Omega always prefer wearing shorts, because he can almost feel the skin underneath the thin cloth.

Moving them a bit until Ei's back is against the wall, Katsuki slot his leg between his thighs. His hands moves Ei's bottom up to his leg, rubbing him down. Eijirou breaks the kiss, head throws back as he moans out loud as the pleasure surging up inside him.

Katsuki licks his lips at the lewd sight, he can't help but feeling smug that he did this, he made Eijirou into this mess. He dives in tasting his Omega scents while he humping pleasure into Ei.

"Ah ah ah Alpha!" Eijirou cries out, heat blooming inside him. "I'm- I'm gonna ah ah!" Katsuki kisses up his jaw, "Fck yes! Cum for me, Omega, cum on me!" "Ah ah I- I don't wanna- oh oh c-cum!" He sobs, hands harden and wrapping around Katsuki's shoulders.

As he slowly moves his hips with Katsuki guiding him, his thighs twitch and squeeze the strong leg, his body shakes whilst pleasure overtake him.

Katsuki watches in dazed, the looks of ecstasy on Ei's flush red face trying to hold off the urge to cum, cheery eyes clouded by bliss and the constant sweet moans coming from plum lips.

He kisses the drool from Ei's mouth and force his tongue in again, coerce Ei out to play with him. His hands not stopping in action and his leg pressing up every time Ei slides back and forth. "Gonna- I'm gonna- ah ah!" "Cum for me, Omega."

Ei looks at him full of lust and love, until his eyes catch something moving on his left and he immediately squeaks out loud and pushes Katsuki off.

Katsuki and his alpha not only pissed but hurted from Ei action.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!!!" Katsuki turns his head and, oh great it's Octopus. He scowls whilst Ei apologize to the guy and saying how it's inappropriate of them and etc.

Maybe he should thinks twice before doing it.

But he's Bakugou Katsuki and if he wants to rail Ei up against the hall, he's gonna do it regardless of what people think. "And let's Aizawa-sensei suspend us?" Ei quips in. "I don't think so, you may survive missing some lesson time but I don't man!"

Noticing Shoji is gone, Katsuki immediately shoves Ei up against the wall and about to kiss him again when a hand stop him, cover half his face. "Are you even listening to me!?" Eijirou half shouts half whispers. He shrugs and licks Ei's palm before bites it.

Stunned by Katsuki's action but quickly recover when a rough hand crawling under his shirt, onto his skin. "Ok ok, let's stop." He successfully struggles out of Katsuki's grasp or his Alpha lets him go, consider he still feels a bit weak from their... previous action.

"Thank you." He coughs, face painted a shy of red. "Let just, start slow please?" As much as he wants to become a normal Omega, he still afraid of the unknown, afraid the sudden changes.

Katsuki brushes a strand of red hair off his Omega face. His Alpha is still howling and growling at him, to claim the Omega as their. He hates to admit but Shoji suddenly appeared helped him clear headed a bit. It was too fast and too sudden for Ei.

"Sorry," he starts, "I shouldn't have done that." He really shouldn't. Ei gives him a small smile before leaning close and kiss his cheek. "It's alright, I... don't mind if it's you."

Immediately, he rushes to his room, "but only when we won't get caught, of course." He chuckles, "I'm looking forward to your help, so please take good care of me and good night man."

The door shuts and the clicks sound announce that it's locked. Katsuki stands there looking dumbfounded at the door closed then lets out a natsy smile.

If Ei wanna play hard to get, he's gonna sweep him down and makes him beg. ~πŸ§¨β€βš™~

That's the end of it, on twt at least. The full version gonna upload on AO3 after I done procrastinated. Didn't expect to make a long thread and never will again. Anyway, back to the start:

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