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HOW TO CREATE SEXUAL TENSION   “Learn the rules of the game”   ~THREAD~ 🧵

Oxytocin production in men is stimulated by the male sex hormone In women it’s strongly related to the release of estrogen (= female sex hormone).

If you feel particularly masculine in a conversation and she feels very feminine, Then a hormone cocktail is brewed in you, so here’s what you need to do:

1.    Dominate silence   Give sexual tension the space it needs to unfold.

2.    Freeze   Freeze your body language when you’ve finished your sentence or when there’s silence between you while looking at each other.

3.    Move slowly   If you move quickly, you automatically become more nervous and react more frantically to external stimuli. But if you move slowly, you will automatically become calmer and more carefree.

4.    Intense eye-contact Look at a woman with intensity in her eyes when you flirt with her. If you want to step it up even level higher, You can slowly take turns looking from one eye to the other and then back and forth to her lips. It’ll drive her completely crazy.

5.    Soft touches Touch the inside of her elbows with the outside of your hand. Put her hands around your neck and grab her by the hip. Pull her close. These things will turn her on instantly

If you get these signs, just keep escalating. •She gets goosebumps •She bites her lip •Her pupils dilate •Her breathing rate increases •Her panties get wet

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