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Because I respect your time, here's EXACTLY who this thread is for: 1.) The Bubble Guy - You have outgrown your hometown. You are stuck at your parents home. You have destructive old friends who party all the time, and have little success. Like this tweet if this is you!

This thread is also for… 2.) The New City Guy - You just moved to a new city, country, or college know FEW people. Like this tweet if this is you!

And lastly this thread is for: 3.) The Social Anxiety Guy: "I seriously struggle with social awkwardness, social anxiety, & depression." Like if this is you. I've got your back with this thread 🤝!

In the next 22 minutes you WILL invest into reading this thread… I’m going to show you: • How to befriend high value men & women • How to date higher quality women in your early prime • How to build a better social circle by doing less, only 4 hours per week

This thread will cover:  • How to overcome social anxiety & self confidence issues even if you have felt hopeless for years • How to generate a consistent flow of new, highly motivated and successful men and women in your life • How to brand yourself properly on social media

Ultimately I'm about to show you: Basically EVERYTHING you need to know so that you can build a Tribe of High Value men & women using predictable, copy paste systems instead of: ❌time wasting ❌failure ❌constant anxiety

Here's the House Rules for This Thread: ❌This is NOT “pick up women get laid” ❌This is NOT “WOO WOO LAW of AttrACTion tO yoUR dReam LIFE!” ❌This is NOT “Take advantage of other people for opportunities and social climb”

👉🏽You must be open to a new way of building your social circle, your Tribe. If you have that covered, this thread will open up the floodgates 🌊 to you... ❌But without an open mind and if you’re looking to fulfill shallow desires, then it’s time for you to stop reading.

And of course - Neither my results nor the results of my friends or students you’ll see I’ve shown these steps are typical. The people you are going to hear about are action taking men who put in the effort and did the work. The results you get are entirely up to YOU!

Now - If any of the following sounds like you go ahead & like the tweet: You can’t find friends on the same “frequency” as you? This is a big one...

Do you feel that no matter how much you put into your relationships you can’t seem to get the same in return? Or in other words - here's a DM I get all the time:

Or do you feel socially awkward despite everything you’ve tried to fix yourself or make yourself cooler? Do you feel stuck in the wrong town or city and can’t find any like-minded people? Do women keep leaving you or putting you in the friend zone because you’re “too nice”?

Do you feel like building a social circle using social media is a pivotal lever for opening relationships to you but you just don’t seem to have it fully worked out yet? I know this is a LOT of you on twitter...

Do you feel like every new person you do actually meet you just can’t seem to develop a deeper relationship with them?

Do you feel like there is this “club” of people who are always going on fun trips, going out to dinner, building cool stuff and you’re never invited?

Here’s The REAL Problem you're struggling to make the friends you want: You are stuck In “The Old Paradigm” & haven’t moved to the highly leveraged, highly predictable NEW PARADIGM of making friends & building your Tribe. You need to use LEVERAGE...

When you move to the NEW paradigm… Everyone you come into contact with will be “high value” and on the same “frequency” as you. People will be offering you invites and opportunities that feel heaven sent left and right. This will become the new norm.

When you move to the NEW paradigm: ✅Your social anxiety will vanish ✅You’ll walk around free of the burden of anxiety, loneliness, and depression forever ✅You will feel effortlessly confident

You’ll develop a world wide circle of friends who you can travel and build with. You will be the one friend-zoning women. Women will be chasing you. You will have a simple social media system that funnels in high value men & women into your Tribe.

In the new paradigm, you’ll finally be able to build deep, long term, and meaningful relationships that bring you love, fulfillment and happiness.

You’ll feel like you have a ticket to the club. You’ll get invited to cool events, dinners, and parties on a consistent basis.

This New Paradigm is proven, works like clockwork and you won’t ever feel alone, stuck, or left out again.

So You Never Again Worry About: ❌Being Stuck Alone Night After Night ❌Being Stuck with The Same Destructive Circle ❌Experiencing FOMO seeing other people having fun

And instead just focus on: ✅Continuously building meaningful relationships ✅Having The FREEDOM To Do The Things You Love With People Who Love You Back ✅Finally feeling confident to purpose what you truly want in life and business

So What Is The Old Paradigm & Why Is It Broken? The Old Paradigm: ∙Chaotic, directionless, & filled with procrastination ∙Desperate and short term thinking ∙Disconnected & Heartless ∙Centered around trying to impress people ∙Not utilizing Instagram because it's "degen"

The Old Paradigm (cont.) ∙Failure to look outside your town or know where to find the value in your town… ∙Endless Texting and it feels like you’re chasing and pushing people away. ∙Big alcohol fueled, drug fueled parties, leaving everyone feeling drained.

The Old Paradigm (cont.) ∙Ignores meditation ∙Uses weird pick up lines from books like "the game" ∙Aggressive cold in person anxiety filled approaches for both parties

I was stuck in this paradigm for YEARS... All it got me was a bunch of unsupportive friends who partied all the time with no greater purpose and who made fun of me when I was trying to: ∙build my youtube channel ∙build my business ∙improve myself or my life

And then one day when I'd gotten stuck in a toxic relationship where I got cheated on (publically)... I couldn't even call up my party friends for support because I'd pushed them away... And I'd also stopped working on my business and passions completely...

I realized that I had become a depressed, beta, yuppy bitch boy with no friends, no purpose and no money...

And that's when I decided to make the shift to the NEW Paradigm...

And When I Made The Shift — I Quickly Built a New Circle Of Friends Who Were All Of The Sudden: • Supportive • Like-Minded • Focused • Caring • And More Generous Than I Could Possibly Imagine…

And today I’m going to show you how to do EXACTLY the same even quicker than I did... Hope your pen & notes are ready... we're just getting started!

So who am I?  My name is Arlin Moore… • Specialize In Tribe Development, Personal Branding & Behavioral Change • I’ve helped thousands of men build Tribes that help them expand their business, enjoyment of life, & higher purpose • Run a YouTube channel where I show my life

And I’ve been maniacally obsessed with social dynamics for years... SO obsessed I’ve spend RACKS - hundreds of thousands of dollars on personal development programs… mentorships… & I even used to ‘self-study’ journal every single interaction I had. Get ready for this one...

Here’s a brutally embarrassing journal entry that I wrote 6 years ago:

The most embarrassing saga of Kate continues… 🥺

And here’s probably the weirdest journal entry of all that I felt comfortable sharing publicly 🥲😅 Are you seeing this? "Energy Awareness Exercises". In the bathroom. To get into "state". I mean, how was I really taking myself seriously?

But if that's not weird enough, that's not all I was doing. I was simultaneously reading hundreds of books on communication, persuasion, power, spiritual work, self development. And watching thousands of hours of YouTube videos out there on cringy “game”, social dynamics, etc.

I even purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of training from the best social dynamics coaches in the world. Do you relate to any of this? Or just me....

Maybe it's not that hard to believe for twitter familiar to this journey, BUT how about THIS... The most creepy of all... I began to film my ENTIRE life — all the social interactions I had — and I then sat down for about 3-7 hours a day for years rewatching those interactions.

OK - on one hand, you probably know this as a “vlog”

On the other hand, this was a lucrative 5 year, intensive self study on “tribalism”

In these vlogs, I would film myself going out & meet and interact with people - millionaires, billionaires, models, influencers, celebrities, a girlfriend, a toxic girlfriend, photographers, restaurant owners, club owners, pro athletes, actors, crypto, entrepreneurs, and beyond…

And then I'd go home every night and sit down editing these clips into a video to post on the internet. (there's me in my college dorm editing, circa 2017, my nightly routine for years)

Think about the last time you spoke to a girl, or someone you wanted to influence. Imagine it was filmed, & you rewatch the interaction 5x times. You can observe your posture, tone of voice, eye contact, what you look like when you’re just listening, learn & self correct…

Now imagine doing that for 5 and a half years. That’s what I did… 🤓

Might seem pretty ridiculous… but my life is pretty cool now. I have amazing friends from all around the world. I get so many invites on a weekly, even daily basis that I can’t keep up with them. And of course it's all documented, all of it, on YouTube.

Now i know they say to “never outshine the master” but the truth is: I’ve helped some friends & students of mine get even more success socially than myself. Check this out...

Take my buddy Cameron Cruz: → When I met Cameron he was broke, living in parents house → I taught him the 7 steps & new paradigm  → This is him in Tulum just after signing a $10k deal w. a dream client → He now travels monthly, hangs out with entrepreneurs & models 24/7

Another parents couch to traveling the world success story: Talon Smith

And then there’s my good friend Jack Bratset… → Jack was overweight, depressed, no friends, no biz, living at home → I taught him the 7 steps and new paradigm → This is Jack in Hawaii, sold out his clothing brand hanging out with influencers w millions of followers

For the guys who feel hopeless w social anxiety, meet Jack Ginsberg: → Was socially awkward, insecure & paranoid → Joined my mentorship program & learned new paradigm → Now has a circle of guy friends who travel often → Has female friends to hangout w & model his brand

Then there’s the New City Guy of course - Austin Heinz → Had only 3 connections in a new city he moved to → Joined my mentorship program & learned the new paradigm → Within a few weeks he had attracted a new social circle that got him jobs all over the country, & got a GF

So What Is This New Paradigm? Well - here's what it FEELS like... you're on a rocket ship with a magnet on it and everyone is chasing YOU. Instead of the opposite where you feel you're pushing people away.

The New Paradigm is... • Focused, targeted, taking off to the moon • Long Term Thinking and Planning, fulfilled in higher purpose. • Working to impress yourself and connect deeply with others

New Paradigm (cont.) • Letting social media carry all the heavy lifting in your life • Texting simplified • Growth oriented gatherings (instead of draining, pointless white claw parties) • Low pressure introductions to people you always wanted to befriend • People chase you

So here we go... There are 7 key transformations that need to happen in your life if you want to get the lifestyle & social circle you dream of. Get your pen, ink & paper out NOW...🖋📜

1.) Think 100x Bigger & Further Out for Your Life's Mission *This pic of me & friends in south of France at Cannes Film fest

You must relentlessly go after something bigger than yourself. Attract bigger people by being the guy who’s out for something BIGGER than yourself. ACTION #1: Journal on this question🖋📜 : "What do I want people I admire & look up to to say about me at my funeral?"

Jack who had social anxiety said this after doing this:  “I realized I was anxious because I didn’t know what I brought to the table. [...] As soon as I understood HOW I wanted to make an impact, that’s when I was ready to start making new friends." (Full interview on YouTube)

2.) You MUST Articulately Define The Types of People You Want In Your Life and Deeply Understand WHY You Want Them

Most people who don’t have the friends they want don’t even know what kind of friends they want! They’re desperate to make friends so they feel like they have to take anyone that they encounter.  This is extremely repulsive & will push people away from you faster than anything.

The first step to attraction is getting clear about who you will accept into your life and who you will not accept. ACTION: Journal on this question🖋📜: "Who are the 15 types of people I want to attract into my life?" Define those people in GENEROUS detail.

Try the Taxi Thought Experiment: Imagine you get in a Taxi and tell the driver to take you anywhere, literally anywhere. The driver will either: A. Tell you to gtfo OR B. take advantage of you & run up your meter So - you must tell the driver of life where you desire to go.

Here's what Mr. Bratset said: "I remember sitting down & like Arlin said just listing out the people I wanted in my circle. One I knew I really wanted was an awesome female friend who was into YouTube.  And now it’s nuts because I literally just got back from Hawaii with her."

3.) You Need To Spend More Time Alone... In Meditation... & Learn to Actually Enjoy it

Wrap your head around this: How do you expect to do anything, if you can’t even do nothing.  None of this "I can't meditate. I get uncomfortable." That there is the PRECISE problem my friend! And if you’re already meditating 10 minutes a day, do 60 minutes a day.

The reason you struggle with people is because your brain is cluttered, scattered, and stuck in low level states. Anger, fear, shame. The more you meditate the more you’ll notice people are attracted to you as your energy state rises into peace, acceptance, and bliss.

ACTION: Here's your new copy/paste meditation protocol: 30 minutes in the morning 30 minutes at night Simply set a timer on your phone and just try to sit still for 30 min straight.

After Ari started increasing time in meditation,  "I got more comfortable being alone & just sitting with myself. I noticed I wasn't jittery any more when I was talking to girls. It also helped me quit drinking which I used to use as a crutch." (my biz partner Daniel & Ari)

4. Body Optimization Get a gym membership of literally ANY kind and declare war on yourself: 🥊mma gym 🏋️‍♂️equinox 🏡make a home gym Humans have evolved to want to befriend people who have dominant physical oura. PLUS there's no better place to meet positive people than a gym.

AND every time I share a physique update like this:  I get countless supportive, positive responses from both high value male friends and females It motivates people, and everyone respects someone who has mastered their body because they know how hard it is to do so.

5.) You MUST Leverage Social Media (Pay Careful Attention) *This pic from my trip in mykonos this summer

If you had to get from New York City to London, would you take a plane or swim? Stupid question right? Well, guess what... Building your Tribe WITHOUT using social media is like swimming from New York to London:  Completely fking stupid.

Keys to Leveraging Social Media: • Starting to treat yourself like a brand • Be intentional with EVERY photo you post • You don’t need 1,000,000 pictures of yourself. You really only just need 4 - 12 of the RIGHT photos What are the "right" photos?👇🏽

Here's some examples of profiles of guys I've mentored who are crushing it. Notice one profile only has 7 pictures - yet he's still using his profile to get dates & make deals. It's about quality & making sure you eliminate all the photos that would actually turn people away.

📲Bonus: You also need to realize that getting results from texting and in the DMs is about doing LESS Use this guideline & let it transform your entire texting game forever: ❌No more novels ✅Limit yourself to 5 words per message 👉🏽Use texting for making plans, NOTHING else

6. Lead with The Hand That Gives & Keeps on Giving *This pic from my trip to Europe this past summer

If you want to build a tribe of guys who “won the game” you need to add value.  But how do you add value to people who don’t need anything from you? Here’s what people don’t realize about “value”:

Value to people can be anything from: • Fun: simply be a source of fun & laughs • Good present energy, good listening skills • Making an INTRODUCTION

🖋Jot this one down....  When you introduce someone to someone else, you are attributed the value that is created from that relationship. Imagine introducing a millionaire to 👰🏼‍♀️his future girlfriend 🤝a potential investor 🍝a restaurant owner who treats him amazing

ACTION: 🖋📜Make a list of all the most valuable people you know.  Then see if you can create value by *introducing the people you know to EACH OTHER.  And ALWAYS look for ways that the people you know can add value to people you meet... and make introductions when possible.

7. You MUST Cultivate Consistent *frequency* with Events You Create So that You ALWAYS Have Value to Offer *this pic from a dinner this past summer in Capri, italy

Design the type of gatherings that high value people would want to attend. This way they'll want to come even if you yourself had no value, or are broke, poor social skills, etc. Example - who would say no to an invite to a weekly outing to a Nobu for sushi or an NBA game?

Another advantage: If you know you host a dinner EVERY Friday, & you meet a cute girl on a Monday... You now never have to worry about what to say to her or what value to offer her. Ex: "Every Friday I have friends for dinner at (insert nice restaurant). Bring your friends."

Bonus step 8: Investing into Networks & Programs If you have a skeptical mindset that all online products are ‘scams’ or that you ‘can’t afford it’ you need to fix that man. I’ve literally spent over $300K on coaching / courses simply because it is THE shortcut to success.

So at this point you really have 2 options: Option 1: • Try to build your tribe by yourself.  • Spend more years around the wrong people • With that small voice in your head telling you that you’re meant for more... OR...

Option 2:  🍾Plug yourself into a Tribe that’s already winning 🗺Get the blueprint I've created that's been tested and proven to work 🏆Invest in yourself & level up immediately This is the way👇🏽

Introducing "Tribe Accelerator" Tier 1

In the Tribe we focus on helping men build a circle of high value men & women to build with & enjoy life at max capacity by… ✅Using proven systems to eliminate social anxiety ✅Leveraging Instagram ✅Designing events that high value people are actually attracted to

Where everybody is aligned toward the same goal: Maximizing fun & building deeper, lasting relationships… It's run by me & my team… Where the focus is collaboration & meticulously crafted + entertaining step by step content and tools…

And includes hundreds of live events… 💻106 Live Zoom Calls per year w/ Coach Daniel 🤝100s of in person meetups with fellow Tribe Members AND a 7 Week Step by Step Course 👇🏽

Week 1 covers: ✅How to get immediate ROI & start making friends you dream of immediately  ✅How your Instagram is literally c*ck-blocking you from attracting any high value men and women and how to fix it immediately ✅Guides show you what to delete OR live calls

Week 1 (cont.) ✅How to get in tune with your life’s purpose, & finally gain clarity. ✅How to set up your environment so that you can easily focus on becoming more high value. ✅How to finally be at ease in yourself with or without people around you.

Week 2 covers: ✅Defining the top 150 members of your Tribe ✅Where you will find them & how you will add value to them ✅How to mold and become the 2.0 version of yourself that is capable of leading in this Tribe

Week 2 (cont.) ✅Your “locational” vision - where you will go each day to fulfill your purpose and attract your Tribe down to weekly mapping and beyond to yearly planning ✅How the new you will look, act, feel and what he will do on a daily basis ✅Create a completed life vision

Week 3 — Social Media Rebrand ✅How to brand yourself both on social media & in real life to attract high value people without opening your mouth ✅How to craft a heroic story about your life that gives people the desire to know more about you.

Week 3 (cont.) ✅How to get content of yourself, even if you don’t have anyone to take photos with.  ✅Maximize social media in just 20 min a day ✅How to polarize yourself so that people don’t just like you, they love you. ✅The 6 cognitive triggers that create influence

Week 4 — Creating Amazing Gatherings ✅How to easily create and organize gatherings that high value people want to go to and get value from ✅How to design low pressure one on one dates for your romantic path ✅How to get invited out to parties, clubs, and trips abroad

Week 4 (cont.) ✅How to get invited to end of the day chill sessions, dinners, and movie nights ✅Where to find people to attract them to your gatherings / trips ✅How to effortlessly approach people in person, and get their contact info (infield footage of me doing it)

Week 5 — Attraction ✅How to dominate your environment without being loud and obnoxious (video breakdowns) ✅How to be the guy that ‘gets the girl’ despite other guy’s circus like attempts ✅How to act at parties, where to sit/stand, what to say, who to talk to

Week 5 (cont.) ✅The dynamics of clubs * how to be at the top of the food chain, get in with management ✅How to get content of friends as a way to add value ✅What to say and do on dates w 9/10 women ✅How to speak in group settings in an environment designed for you to win

Week 6 — Maintaining & Deepening Relationships ✅How to give 10x more value than you get and always have the upper hand ✅How to easily add value through repeatable low effort actions ✅How to use future projections to create a tight bond between you and someone you just met

Week 6 (cont.) ✅When is the best time to ask for favors, and how to get people to help you ✅Expressing gratitude properly so that more positive action comes your way ✅How to provide value to high value female friends they can’t get anywhere else

Week 7 — Business, Sex & Tribal Transurfing ✅How to once & for all kill off the old version of yourself ✅Once and for all stop being a push over people pleaser ✅How to deal with toxic friends, Narcissists, & Psychopaths ✅Business between Tribe members

Week 7 (cont.) ✅How to be known as a guy who is actually good in bed. ✅Sexual dynamics of the tribe and how to play by the unwritten rules. ✅How to manage multiple Tribes and the power of Tribal Transurfing

We achieve more in 7 weeks than most people do in 10 years or ever

The Format: 🎥Full HD Step by Step videos 🎧Listen to mp3 audio recordings 📄Read the transcripts 💬Discord Community 💻Weekly live calls with experts

When students join Tribe Accelerator they get the course plus access to Expert mentorship available 24/7/365 My team of coaches are elite:

The problem most people who join online programs face is they learn WHAT to do but never do anything with that info… Its hard change when your environment is filled with unsupportive friends and family that just suck you into old patterns.  That's why we built the community:

Take Jack Bratset, Jake Whan, Harry Swales, Ben Bader, & many more who became room mates, business partners, found brothers & support, and more through meeting in the community that I've built.

In summary you get: ✓ The *Insane* 7 Week Course ✓ 100+ live calls with expert team ✓ 100s of in person meetups ✓ Day 1 High Value Connection in the community ✓ I give lifetime access to my mindset tool - Maxi (normally $600 a year) This is essentially my life’s work

I know for a fact this program is worth well over $10,000 because I've easily spent 10x that to create it. However - I'm going to make you an offer today that will not break your bank. You can join Tribe Accelerator right now for $1,499

And if still you're skeptical... despite all the testimonials, video reviews on YouTube, and evidence that I know what the fk I'm talking about by my stuff on YouTube... I'm also giving you what I call my 100% charity guarantee. Here's what that means:

If you're not happy, I'll donate your $1,499 to charity (or give back to you). I've only had 1 request for this out of 205+, regardless, I donate 10% of Tribe Accelerator to charity. Last month I donated to Go Conscious Earth Fund which brings clean drinking water to the Congo

Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that change your life. Click here right now to enroll in Tribe Accelerator: And join hundreds before you who took the leap, and changed their life forever.

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