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$20k Technical Analysis Course Made Free. I have put together the technical analysis techniques the 1% have used to earn millions and reach financial freedom: The A-Z TA Thread🧡. Kindly Like&RT For Others

Got me spending weeks & hours into research to find these unique crypto Traders and tutors. Their works are just so good. I believe anyone who puts in their efforts, time and day into these courses will become a very disciplined Trader, I'm not capping.

Their Materials and mode of teaching is top notch. What do you need to be successful in this course? Your Time Android Phone or/and laptop Discipline I'll be introducing us to these great crypto traders and educationists I know are way profitable in their works with evidence.

Koroush AK, EmperorBTC & MacnBTC; Their work in the Crypto Space can't be overlooked. Before I continue if you haven't Liked & Retweeted the first tweet, kindly do so now to help people who need this course.

Koroush AK Has been able to dedicate his time to put together the technical analysis materials that found him financial freedom. One thing I love about his mode of teaching is the assignment he gives, pdfs, and extra reading materials.

This is the A-Z guide of his $100k Technical Analysis Course done for free:

Kindly note that you aren't supposed to take them as just a thread but as a school. Study them as you study for those school exams and it will help you gain financial freedom truly. Doing this consistently for 6months will change your financial game.

The Next is ...... Buh before that make sure you join my Telegram Community where you meet the NFTs/DeFi alphas you need for profitability‡️

MacnBTC He gave detailed and comprehensive learning Materials A-Z of his TA materials explained:

EmperorBTC is someone I can say has also helped me in learning trading psychology and some important trading skills I have used. First is his Risk Management course and second, would be his very refined Technical Analysis Course which you shouldn't miss:

Risk Management EmperorBTC: EmperorBTC TA Learning Materials:

And yes that's it. Hope I've being able to help you through your journey to financial freedom. Start with the first, then the second and refine with the third. For more educational contents like this kindly give me a follow @_BillionAireSon

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