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#miyacestober2022 - Day 9 Separated/Technology nsfw It didn't matter how many times Osamu had told him this was dangerous, Atsumu couldn't seem to stop sending them, and frankly, Osamu was losing the strength to care about the danger when Atsumu sent photos like that.>>

When Atsumu had left for his first season of professional volleyball, everything he sent Osamu had been...well sappy at first. He had whined about how much he missed him. How much he wanted to cuddle and kiss and steal Osamu's tea in the morning.>>

It hadn't taken long for things to change. For Atsumu's nostalgia to take a different edge. The first photo Atsumu sent had arrived when Osamu was in a staff meeting. He had opened it, anticipating a selfie of his twin and one of his teammates. >>

It had barely taken him a second to make out the dim, shadowy photo, the gentle curve of Atsumu's cock mirroring his own perfectly. Heat had flushed through him so quickly sweat broke out along his forehead and neck. >>

The tightening of his slacks was automatic, his desire for Atsumu burned into his very blood. He had called and yelled at Atsumu for a full five minutes before he finally heard the gasping whines filtering through the speaker. "Are you /touching/ yourself right now?" >>

Osamu had been aghast, but not so much that he didn't immediately slip his hand inside his briefs and start telling Atsumu how to finger himself filthy and wide as if he would be able to slip right in, as if he were right there and seconds away from sinking into tight wet heat.>>

The second photo was bolder. Atsumu's cock was flushed and such a familiar pretty pink that Osamu was sure he knew how his twin had been touching himself just from this alone. It was also brightly lit, Atsumu's long muscular legs splayed out in a hotel bed for all to see.>>

"Where's your roommate?" Osamu texted with one hand, the other thumbing the head his cock. It only took a second before he texted again, asking for Atsumu to send another with a clearer shot of his balls. He told Atsumu off later, but saved the photo anyway. >>

It only escalated from there because it was Atsumu, because it was them. The first video had Osamu's mouth so dry he choked. Atsumu had packed one of their dildos of all things. Osamu recognized one of the bigger toys as Atsumu road it, trying to hold it still among the sheets.>>

His voice was breathy, high, so near to coming that Osamu swore he could taste Atsumu's release on his tongue. "Samu, Samu I need you," Atsumu was sobbing, his ass slapping against the sheets, jiggling so enticingly, reminding him of all the times that dildo had been him.>>

It didn't take long for Osamu to come, playing the video over and over as he worked his cock desperately to the sight, the sound. In a fit of need that would embarrass him later he brought his fingers to his mouth, tasting his own come and pretending it was Atsumu's.>>

Just the memory of lapping Atsumu's come from his stomach and chest had Osamu spilling across his fist. In response to the video all he sent Atsumu was a screenshot of his train tickets to Atsumu's next game. His brother needed a reminder not to play with fire.//

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