Most youtubers lose 50%-80% of viewers before even publishing their video. How? They don't spend enough time brainstorming video topics. Here's 7 topic frameworks that work well on YouTube: 👇

✅ 1. The Controversial Framework These topics go against normal thinking. People click to find out the "truth" 1. Find a controversial take 2. State it in the title 3. Show proof in the thumbnail Example 👇

✅ 2. The Anti-Logic Framework These topics go against human logic. People click to find out the "how" 1. Find a irrational topic 2. Title should go against human logic 3. Thumbnail should visually show that Example 👇

✅ 3. The Extreme Framework These topics take normal things to the extreme. People click to see that "extreme" 1. Find a normal topic 2. Add an extreme element 2. Title should use words like: 100 Days, World's, etc 4. Thumbnail should show "extreme" visually Example 👇

✅ 4. The Weird Object Framework These topics focus in on really weird/rare objects. People click to uncover that "weirdness" 1. Find a weird topic 2. Simplify it in the title 3. Clearly show it in the thumbnail Example 👇

✅ 5. The Click-to-Know Framework These topics share vague details of a problem/story. People click to learn the "whole picture" 1. Find a problem/story 2. Breakdown the problem in the title 3. Show part of the solution in the thumbnail Example 👇

✅ 6. The Misconception Framework These topics show a flaw in something. People click to learn that "flaw" 1. Find a flawed topic 2. Expose it in the title 3. Show the flaw in the thumbnail Example 👇

✅ 7. The Authority Framework These topics share secrets/details you didn't know. People click to learn those "secrets" 1. Find a topic with high level secrets/details 2. Simplify it in the title 3. Show an example in the thumbnail Example 👇

And if you mix & match multiple of these frameworks, even better 😂 Follow me @tobylejeune if this helped you.

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