SkTs NSFW-ish. “I’m too tired to stick my dick in ya,” Atsumu was spread out on the bed, eyes closed. “My baby, my sweetheart,” Sakusa dragged him down to the edge just to hear him yelp. “You’re my pillow princess. You have never tried to fuck me, and I don’t see that

changing any time soon.” Atsumu pawed at him lightly, bottom lip poking out. “‘s’not true. I’ll do it. Later. When I’m not tired.” Sakusa pinched his side before kissing it better. “If I wanted it, I’d just ride your cock like this. Watch your pretty face as you came. Like an

overeager teenage boy.” Atsumu opened one eye to look at him, cheeks dusted a soft pink. “But you won’t. Yer going to fuck me.” Sakusa laughed as he grabbed the lube. “Either way, I’d be the one fucking you. Just lay there and be pretty for me, princess.” Atsumu hummed, he

could do that.

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