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The Lymphatic system: How your body flushes out junk and protects you from foreign invaders THREAD

Your lymphatic system is vital to your health It helps you absorb nutrients/gases (oxygen) And runs background checks on whatever flows through your circulation

Your lymphatic system is made up of 3 parts: Lymph Lymphatic vessels Lymph nodes

Lymph is a watery fluid derived from your blood It plays a supporting role in both your cardiovascular and immune system And allow for exchange of gases (oxygen) & nutrients to help keep you alive

Lymphatic vessels are what interact with your arteries and veins And are essentially the pipes through which your lymph travels through Should there be a blockage Edema (swelling) can happen which can be very serious and even lethal in some cases

Lymph nodes are extremely important You can imagine them as checkpoints filled with immune cells That monitor and filter whatever doesn’t belong there (bacteria etc) You have around 600-700 of them in your body

Your lymphatic system is also made up of 4 organs: Spleen Thymus Adenoids Tonsils The thymus and spleen act like nurseries to your maturing immune cells (lymphocytes) which help you fight off cancer/viruses

Large amount of fluid exchanges happen inside your body daily (~5 gallons) Around 4 gallons are taken up by your veins Without around 1 gallon being used for lymph production

Your lymph moves passively across your lymphatic system And flushes out whatever junk that shouldn't be there Similar to a sewage line A series of valves prevent any backflow

Smooth muscles in the walls of these vessels squeeze to help with drainage Everything gets drained into 2 major ducts: Right lymphatic duct Thoracic Duct Which connects to major veins in your body and ends the cycle

So you might be wondering: “Why is the lymphatic system so important then?” Without it, you wouldn’t recuperate the fluid needed for blood production Which would mean a serious drop in blood pressure and most likely Death

When it comes to your immune system Lymph plays a major role as well As I mentioned earlier, lymph nodes stop foreign invaders While lymphocytes activate different parts of your immune system to protect you

Your body also has specialized tissue known as MALTS Mucosa Associated Lymphoid tissue You can find it in your tonsils (air filters) Peyer’s patches (gut health) And even your appendix (destroys bacteria before it reaches gut)

Your brain also has its own branch of the lymphatic system Known as your glymphatic system Since your brain is a highly metabolic organ Lots of waste products accumulate that need to be cleaned out

The glymphatic system is there to do just that Cerebrospinal fluid uses it to come in and flush out junk into your veins It is your brain’s sewage line See exactly how here:

Research shows that this uncleaned junk plays a huge role in neurological diseases like Alzheimer's This is believed to happen due to beta-amyloid plaques accumulating and damaging your brain A dysfunctional glymphatic is a major concern for your health

Now You might be wondering: “What the hell can I do to keep my lymphatic/glymphatic system healthy?” Here are a few of the best practices

2)Sleep How you sleep also affects how well your glymphatic system works The quality of your sleep and how you lay down while you’re resting all play major roles in this Best way to sleep is on your right side

3)Exercise Movement is vital for the health of your lymphatic system It keeps the pipes working More research needs to confirm exactly which type of exercise needs to be done But in the meantime, get moving

4)Massage Specialized massages like lymphatic drainage massage Or craniosacral therapy can help push lymph through your lymphatic vessels And are definitely worth a shot

5)Hydration This should be pretty self-explanatory If you’re dehydrated all the time You won’t be able to effectively produce lymph This means less drainage and more junk accumulating in your body Drink more water

6)Deep breathing There is some evidence that deep diaphragmatic breathing can stimulate lymphatic drainage The best way to do this is to close your mouth And focus on taking deep breaths from your nose

7) Reduce alcohol consumption Alcohol lowers the activity of your glymphatic system But the danger is in the dose Low alcohol consumption actually improves glymphatic clearance But anything more shuts it off Bad news for your brain’s performance

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