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"9 Self-Care Steps That You Can't Afford To Skip" //Thread//

1. Take a Technology Break Taking a break from the screens can help you: - Reduce Stress - Declutter your mind - Reduce the notification cravings When stressed: Schedule a day or two where you avoid screens. Instead you can: - Get active - Bake/Cook - Enjoy nature

2. Workout Exercise releases the "Serotonin" chemical in your brain. It's proven to improve your mood and therefore your mental health. Besides working out also has a range of other benefits: - Weight control - Boosts Energy - Increased confidence - Promotes Better sleep

3. Know Your Personal Signs of Stress We all have signs that show us "it's getting too much". Examples: - Broken routine - Habits (Over-eating, smoking, etc.) - Mental (Anxiety, Feeling depressed, etc.) Know yours and implement the points of this thread when they occur.

4. Relax You need peace of mind to be the best YOU. For peace of mind you need to relax when you need it. When you feel the signs of stress from the previous point: - Go on a walk - Have a long bath - Listen to calming music Or find another calm activity that you enjoy.

5. Meditate Meditation is proven to: - Reduce Negative Emotions - Help you focus on the present - Enhance mental clarity & memory - Help you find a new perspective on stressful situations All of these benefits will help you reduce your stress levels.

6. Monitor Your Finances We live in a world that runs on money. Therefore our stress often comes from finances. So: - Track your spending/expenses - Put time into a career that lets you afford the life you want. Taking care of your finances will keep your peace of mind.

7. Call/Meet a Friend Humans need social interaction. When we are deprived of social interactions it can trigger: - Stress - Anxiety - Depression So go and pick up the phone to call a friend. Or arrange to meet someone close to you. Whatever works best for you.

8. Schedule a Professional Appointment We all have different problems Luckily there are professionals that can help us: - Doctors - Therapists - Life Coaches Think about the problems that have been affecting you. Then schedule an appointment with someone who can help.

9. Prioritize YOU Your growth Your emotions Your fulfillment Your enjoyment Practice prioritizing them instead of other people's: - Perception of you - Enjoyment with you - Expectations of you It's okay to say "No" to plans for spending time with yourself.

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