Watching Young Royals and: SakuAtsu! Kiyoomi as the young Prince who is sent to a rich boarding school after the scandal of him pushing away someone that touched him. Where he meets Atsumu, a scholarship student, top setter of the school vb team.

So Kiyoomi arrived in this new school, his family forcing him to take a break away from all the royal life of the capital. He snickers at that, thinking of how it could be better ina school full of nobles' and aristocrats children. He is only happy to be there to find Motoya.

Atsumu and Osamu are here on a scholarship. They are no nobles and don't come from a rich family. Their mother tries her best to give them all the opportunities in life after their father left them to live a life with his mistress in another country. Their rule is

to try to not mingle into rich people problems. At least that's what Atsumu decided the rule was. They are friendly to others, but never overly friendly and they don't especially have friends. Even if Osamu is often approached by that Suna Rintaro, son of a Secretary.

Atsumu stays indifferent to all of that. If he doesn't have friends, he doesn't care, he has his friends outside of scool. When Kiyoomi arrives, everyone acts so different suddenly, trying so much to please the Prince, his Royal Highness. Atsumu wants to puke.

He doesn't care about him anyway, even though they are in the same class and the same volleyball team. What if he is part of the Royal Family? During their first practice of volleyball, Atsumu doesn't hesitate to critique of Kiyoomi's jump serve and his positionning.

Everyone turns stiff around them, looking at Kiyoomi expectantly. Kiyoomi just shrugs and says that he will try again. Atsumu gives him some more tips about how to better control his jump. They stay together even after their coach whistled the end of practice

They become friends after that, which is weird for Atsumu, but Kiyoomi feels both mysterious and like someone he has known his entire life. All of Kiyoomi's inner circle tells him to stop talking to Atsumu. Motoya is not so adamant about it, but he still worries that people

would take advantage of him. Kiyoomi is sure that Atsumu is the only friend he can count on in this school. And if this close friend ends up in his dorm, late one night, tangling with him in the same 1-person bed, kissing frantically... Well, that's only for them to worry about

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