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FWB Atsumu and Sakusa do the drunk in Vegas thing and wake up married, only Sakusa refuses to get it annulled or file for divorce. He made a commitment and he’s going to take it seriously. This ignites Atsumu’s competitive spirit (Sakusa doesn’t get to win at refusing to get +

divorced! Atsumu’s gonna be an amazing husband, just you watch!) Before they know it, they’re living together and it’s… not that bad? They get along better than expected and the chores sort of divide up naturally. They don’t have a lot in common but they share around 90% of +

their peeves and Sakusa actually likes living with so few annoyances in his daily life. He doesn’t have to deal with cooking or meal-planning anymore and it’s kind of a pro that he does all the cleaning, it’s not like he’d trust anyone else to do it right anyway and someone +

nicer than Atsumu might keep trying to help and wind up being frustrating. Atsumu just likes having someone around at first. He likes taking care of people and never feels like he does living alone. He hates laundry with a passion but Sakusa doesn’t mind it, and they’ve been +

fooling around so long it’s been lowkey exclusive for months, even before The Vegas Incident. They don’t really ever say anything about it. They still claim to only be FWB, except now they live together and are married and are pretty disgustingly happy and if Sakusa sometimes +

gets emotional about the whole thing who can really blame him? Atsumu’s kind of a good husband.

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