Bandi Shreyas

Bandi Shreyas



Master thread - because a lot gets lost in the clutter

My intraday trading video Playlist, the initial ones go into a lot of detail, the later ones are just for summarization, anyone who wants to see exactly how I trade with excruciating detail

My P&L and monthly summarization, apart from the performance, gives a good insight into my mindset and apprpach at different periods, and how it varies from time to time

FAQ Playlist- this answers almost all the questions that I get from most people

Elm F2f

Elm live market trading on expiry + Q&A

Traders carnival presentation

Podcasts + FAQ

In the past few months, I've turned down all the requests that I'm getting for podcasts and conferences because I've covered almost everything I have to say about my trading in the above links, beyond that it's just repetitive and redundant, trading is not so complex 😃

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