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I bet Atsumu's a sleep talker. especially when he's having a wet dream. he says nasty shit about Osamu and only osamu knows, and Atsumu will never find out he said such things

he moans in his sleep, chanting things like "harder... harder Samu" or "don't stop don't stop, please...", the little whines and cries he lets out turns Osamu on more than enough

Osamu will jack off to the fact that Atsumu dreams about him, only knowing that he does thanks to the sleeptalking. Atsumu never would of admitted it otherwise.

one day though, Osamu finally decides to spill. He asks Atsumu out of the blue, "did ya know ya talk in your sleep?" Atsumu becomes noticeably flushed relatively quickly. "I DO?! what do I say?" "Do ya really want to know?" Osamu teases.

"y-yes?" Atsumu is embarrassed, but he's too curious. Osamu moves in closer, leaning towards his ear. "ya beg me to fuck ya, tellin' me how good ya feel... how good my cock feels inside of ya" Osamu whispers. Atsumu just stands there, absolutely shocked, embarrassed, mortified..

but then, he questions, his voice low, "will....will ya fuck me for real?" Osamu grins.

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