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cw// incest, miyacest + jealous osamu osaatsu nsfw osamu never really the jealous type, he was trust worthy and trusted that atsumu would reject someone if they tried to make a pass at him or whatever the case may be. however , it didn't stop him from making atsumu know

that he was his, and his alone. so whenever atsumu got hit on by anyone, osamu would cut the day short and go home and fuck atsumu into oblivion. making him know who be belongs to. "ya like the attention ya get from grown men? yer such a whore for that aren't ya?"

you could hear the clapping sound coming from their bodies. osamu pulled atsumu's arms back and went harder making atsumu's legs go numb. "i-im sorry p-please s-samu" it made osamu angry. "yer not sorry, ya looked like ya were enjoyin' yerself, ya like other men's attention?"

atsumu couldn't speak at this point , he was panting and his face went red. but osamu wasn't satisfied. "yer mine doll, yer not goin anywhere." atsumu barely nodded. he looked like he was going to pass out , so osamu quickly came inside of him and let go of his arms.

he went downstairs to get atsumu some water, when he came back up, he found atsumu sleeping in the position he left him in. osamu smirked at the sight of his boyfriend and the semen leaking out of his stretched out hole.

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