nsfw miyacest // atsumu asking osamu for sex and when he weakly protests, ‘but we’re brothers,’ atsumu hits him with the, ‘is that really a problem?’ osamu is super confused until atsumu starts listing on his fingers, ‘’fingering myself while imagining it’s my brother.’ +

‘humping my twin’s pillow.’ ‘twink begs for onii-chan’s come.’’ osamu is absolutely mortified. atsumu has found his porn videos. except… he doesn’t seem grossed out by it? (the next video on osamu’s channel: i finally get fucked by my brother.)

// been in a very bottom!samu mood lately but anyway i imagine when atsumu first comes across this mysterious man’s videos he’s ashamed that he doesn’t click away, ashamed that he’s enjoying it and getting off on it. he tries to tell himself it’s because of the way the man +

looks, his nice cock and pert ass, but deep down he knows he’s watching because of the man’s incest kink. a part of him feels like he should be worried this man potentially actually does want his brother, but the other part of him plays in to the fantasy, +

even daring to imagine his own brother osamu whispering those dirty words, pleading for him to fuck him. it makes things incredibly awkward the next time atsumu sees osamu, but osamu seems to just brush his strange behaviour aside. +

that is, until the mystery man posts a new video. ‘jerking myself off while i sniff my brother’s jersey.’ and then, it hits atsumu. that’s /atsumu’s/ jersey. the one he accidentally left at osamu’s place after leaving in a frazzle. and those boxers. there’s no mistaking +

the stupid print on them, a joke present atsumu’s friends had gotten him. the mystery man is osamu. atsumu doesn’t know how he didn’t realise it before. the man atsumu has been getting off to his osamu, his brother, his /twin/. and that can only mean one other thing: +

the brother the mystery man lusts after must be atsumu.

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