~ Thread ~ Antarctica What's underneath the snow? Why are there so many military research bases there? Why were the Nazis so obsessed with inner earth? Are the conspiracies a distraction to prevent us from researching the north pole? Who is Admiral Byrd?

>the bear will leave it's cave forever if you know, you know. But still, you don't really know, right? I promise, you don't want to know what this "prophecy" means Antarctica, what is the origin behind this name? First, Let's look at the "north pole" aka the Arctic

Arctic, derived from the Greek "arktos" meaning "bear". If you've been near the Arctic, you've probably been told to be cautious of the polar bears "If it's black fight back, If it's brown lay down, If it's white, you already lost the fight."

No, this isn't a phrase from the book of a skinhead, this is a catchy saying to remind yourself what to do encase you ever encounter a bear in the wild What's this got to do with the thread? Well, if Arctic is bear, that means "Antarctic" is the exact opposite. No bear.

Why aren't there any bears in Antarctica? Wait hold on, why don't any landbound mammals live there either? Just a coincidence right? haha, I hope so What are you implying? Probably some bigfoot schizo shit, right? Maybe.

Now, let's look into the history of Antarctica Antarctica is the worlds tallest continent, with a elevation of around 7,200 feet, 2194 meters for all of you side characters Antarctica was supposedly discovered in 1820 by a Russian naval officer. What did the Greeks know?

In my research, I have found that all browsers don't include any worthwhile information in between the years 1820-1945ish. I wonder why? Let's dive into info that involves the Nazis first. This is when we finally start to learn something relevant

If you didn't know already, the occult side of the national socialists, the SS, conducted missions by the instruction of Himmler to discover ancient artifacts, and to discover the mysteries of the world One of these mysteries was inner earth

Buddhism and Hinduism both believe that there exists a world inside of the earth The Bible also refers to us as "land dwellers" The Nazis were on a endless quest to find this What's a sunburn?

They also believed that there existed another sun, the "black sun', at the center of this world, which provides the 3 foundations of conscious life Body, Soul, Spirit If you have ever read about initiate schools, you'll know what these are

The sun we see outside on a daily basis is just a star floating in the sky, right? No, it is so much more. It is the fiery throne. It is the cook that provides us literal and figurative food for life, through physical means Without it, we would die

The black sun, believed by the Nazis to provide us the spiritual/conscious side of life, gives us awareness, emotion, and all other things which make humans distinct from other animals They believed, without it, we'd basically just be another species of chimpanzees

"What's this got to do with Antarctica you fkn lunatic?" Relax, this is important to the topic

What is Thule? What is Vril? What are these documents from the Germans which provide submarine instructions on how to navigate underneath Antarctica?

What were they looking for? "The Coming Race" is a "fictional" book written by Edward Bulwer-Lytoon in 1871 depicting a story of a young American who discovers a inner earth civilization while cave diving in a undisclosed country

I quoted "fictional" because certain theories state that this book is much more than a fairy tale. They believe it is either a legitimate story, or a prophecy for the future

Shit's gonna get extremely esoteric from here on out, because the occult beliefs regarding inner earth and Vril is a topic related to Antarctica that is still mostly unknown, And I wish to provide info that is not easily found

Basically, this is all traced back to (nor)dic religion Wralda is a topic for another thread, however, it is important to note that this deity was believed by Himmler to be the name of the true God

>the language of the vril-ya What tf are these "things"?

to summarize, Vril, used by a "subterranean species" is a spiritual source of energy. This energy can be used for good or evil, to heal or to destroy This is why mystery schools require a oath of secrecy, in the wrong hands, spiritual alchemy could wreck havic

For now, let's switch gears and look into the Thule Society The Thule Society was founded in 1910 by Felix Niedner, the German translator of the Eddas (old Norse poems from the medieval manuscript Codex Regius) The name "Thule" comes from the lost land of Hyperborea

What does Hyperborea/Thule have to do with Antarctica? Everything Let's look into some etymology >The name Thule was given to a trading post in GREENLAND in 1910, it was a site of a US AIR FORCE base in ww2 confusing info, right?

thule society was dedicated to the resurrection of Ary*n/Teutonic/Nordic mysticism. They wanted to prepare the path for the incoming "master race" This master race is what's believed to be underneath the earth

Now that we have gone full schizo, let's get even more schizo Arthurian H*tlerism? What's that? If you do not like this thread, you definitely won't like this Still, there are many misconceptions to this theory, which states that H*tler is still alive, and will return

For starters, H*tlers "death" is quite controversial, and many are up in arms about the story of him killing himself in a bunker This isn't really relevant, so ill explain exactly what this theory is, and why it relates to Antarctica

Theorists believe that H*tler, along with Germany's top scientists, escaped to Antarctica towards the end of WW2 in submarines. You saw the submarine map in this thread already, but what happened in Argentina in 1945?

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