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magic au where the miya twins will prank each other with curses/hexes, but this time sakusa gets roped into it too, bc it seems osamu has spiked atsumu's morning coffee with a love potion: "omi-kun, i want to marry you someday." "that's nice, atsumu," he says with an eyeroll.

sakusa is searching his spellbook for a love potion antidote, but it's a little difficult when atsumu is rubbing his shoulders and pressing kisses to sakusa's neck. sakusa should really push him away. it's not like atsumu would be interested in him if he wasn't under a spell.

and he should /definitely/ push him away considering how much sakusa likes it. "get off, atsumu," sakusa says, masking the reluctance in his voice with exasperation. "you're gorgeous, omi-kun. the most gorgeous person i've ever met. everytime i look at you my heart flutters."

sakusa exhales slowly, willing away the flutter of his own heart from atsumu's words. it's not atsumu's fault that sakusa is secretly in love with him, and sakusa can't take advantage of atsumu in this state, even if it feels like everything he's dreamed about for years.

"you're talking nonsense," sakusa says stiffly. he shrugs off atsumu and flips to the next page in his book. there's a long list of counter-hexes and antidotes to various love spells and potions, but sakusa settles on one that is supposes to be a cure-all to any love magic.

he recites the incantation swiftly and clearly, waving a hand over atsumu's head in the exact gesture his book describes. "did that work?" he asks atsumu carefully. "your eyes are like fallen pieces of starlight," atsumu replies, his gaze wistful. sakusa groans into his palm.

he goes down the list, exhausting every option that could potentially undo the potion's magic. but without fail, the spell would hold. and sakusa's will diminished a little every time atsumu said something that made his knees weak. "i want to wake up next to you every morning."

"i dream about your smile more than you actually smile, isn't that funny, omi-kun?" "when i met you i knew i never wanted to be with anyone else." "i could hold you in my arms all day and never get tired of it. i could probably do it for my entire life, if you'd let me."

by the end of the day, sakusa has had enough. he's two seconds away from either kissing atsumu until they both lose breath, or punching him in the face. "i give up," he says, defeated. "i'm finding osamu." "your hands would fit so perfectly in mine," atsumu responds dreamily.

when sakusa tracks down osamu and begs him for the love potion's antidote, osamu gives him a confused look. "what are you talking about, sakusa-kun? i didn't give 'tsumu a love potion." "you what." "i gave him a truth potion." sakusa almost collapses right then and there.

"i thought it would be funny if he started talking shit to people's faces with no filter. start some drama. why, did he say something weird?" "no," sakusa says slowly, head pounding, throat dry, bile rising up from his stomach. he feels as if his soul has left his body.

as if in a trance, he goes back to where atsumu is waiting for him. sakusa quietly murmurs the most simple counter-hex for a truth potion and waits with baited breath for atsumu's reaction. slowly, atsumu's look of wonder turns to one of mortification. "oh fuck," he whispers.

"you drive me fucking crazy," sakusa growls before pouncing on him. atsumu lets out a suprised squeak when sakusa's lips attach firmly to his own, but he doesn't push sakusa away. he tangles his fingers in sakusa's hair and kisses him deeper.

"but i said all that cringey shit!" atsumu exclaims once they pull apart. sakusa's hardly paying attention to what he's saying, too focused on running his hands over atsumu's chest and nipping along his jawline. "maybe i was into it," sakusa mutters into atsumu's neck.

atsumu wraps his arms around sakusa and flips them over, sakusa's back on the floor and atsumu leaning over him wth a shit-eating grin. "you like me too. you must be fucking head over heels for me if nothing i said turned you off." sakusa purses his lips, silent. atsumu laughs.

"be careful, omi. i just might slip you a truth potion next time so i can hear all the sweet nothings you're dying to tell me." "i'd rather die," sakusa deadpans, tugging atsumu down into another kiss. they both know the truth, of course.

bc it's spooky season im writing some spooky aus 😤 this sorta counts as a witch au sooooo vampires or aliens next?

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