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OK Can anyone tell me why there is a gene sequence in a Moderna patent that has been scrubbed from genbank, but still exists in BLAST? And why is this gene sequence of interest? @daoyu15 @pathogenetics @humblesci

It's an interesting sequence because it's in one of the famous Moderna pseudo-patents (where they lump hundreds of sequences together and claim them as theirs, but they aren't). And it's a human gene CDKN1B which codes for the p27 protein, a cell cycle regulator....

But there is a big chunk of it missing, suggesting it's a mutated version of CDKN1B (p27). p27 is a tumour suppressor, so you generally don't want mutated versions of those. The missing parts are nt 269-550 and 1788-2411

So it's really strange that this gene sequence seems to have been scrubbed from genbank. It's an unusual gene because it's not that well known about. It interacts with the RAS-RAF-MAPK pathway that @3Annoyed has been telling us about.

And there is one really creepy thing about this gene - apart from the fact that Moderna seem to have tried to patent a mutant version of it (like they did with MSH3). It is mentioned in a foreboding post on 4chan predicted some time before the vaccines were approved...

And certainly before anybody knew about the fact that the SARS-Cov-2 spike genome can be reverse transcribed. Here is a copy of the post. Make of it what you will. Note the date: 9th Dec 2020.

The first mention of LINE-1 based reverse transcription was 13th December 2020, in a pre-print by Rudolf Jaenisch - the ONLY scientist to have investigated this phenomenon at that time.

So, either the 4chan post is from a really smart LARPer who knows something that <0.01% of the scientific community knew, a time traveler, or Rudolf Jaenisch himself.... Or the poster is real.

Obviously a random 4chan poster can't be real, because that would be "anti-vaxx conspiracy theory", right? Well, there is another bit of circumstantial evidence that raises some questions.

Here's the link to TGA FOI 3471. The "batch analysis" of the Pfizer (not Moderna) COVID vaccine.

Here's the Agilent 5200 analysis of the genetic fragments in the soup. The big spike is correct, but should fade off quickly to the left, in a smooth manner.

Here's a close up with what it should look like (light green). You can see there are little humps above the line that suggest low-dose contaminants. The pattern is repeated in every batch. @SabinehazanMD

Of course, this could be nothing. It could be that the humps are because the RNA degrades in a certain manner giving more fragments of a certain size. The point is, the regulator didn't perform sequencing on the batches. So nobody knows whether there are contaminants there.

But, it's just a little bit fishy that a moderna sequence that exists for a mutated or deficient CDKN1B has just disappeared from genbank. I'm sure it's just coincidence though. @chrismartenson @DrNo_Reformed

PS you might get an idea whether this suggestion has any mileage by the shill responses to the thread (expect incoming vitriol without substance).... #justsayin

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